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The guitarist Pierre-Jean GAUCHER's group offers an elegant and elaborate jazz-rock fusion crossed with progressive rock (especially on the first album where MAGMA-style sounds mix with jazz-rock rhythms). Rich, powerful and refined music. One of the best progressive jazz-rock groups in France.

LPLe quatrieme mouvement(FLVM 3021-AJ Records 1001)1980
LPBis(Elanore Productions EL 31482)1982
LPHappy French Band(Metro Records JB 105)1983
LPLive(Metro Records JB 106)1985


Formed in Nancy, ACINTYA only recorded one self-produced album offering a progressive rock inspired by WAPASSOU and its use of keyboards and violins. This solely instrumental album features some elaborate and complex themes. "La cite des dieux oublies" includes some very beautiful melodies which are developed and arranged around the solemn and majestic keyboard's notes.

LPLa cite des dieux oublies(SRC 161.754)1978

Georges ACOGNY

Recorded with the aid of prestigious guests (Larry CORYELL, Christian ESCOUDE, Patrick GAUTHIER etc.), guitarist Georges ACOGNY's first two albums offers a jazz-rock based on his virtuosity and talent as a guitarist. "First Steps in" and "Guitars on the Move" are powerful, energetic and lively jazz-rock records in the same vein as Al Di MEOLA's albums and the caustic tones of other jazz-rock guitarists.

LPFirst Steps in(String 33851)1983
LPGuitars on the Move(String 33855)1984


Although his instrumentation is purely electronic, this musician develops an attractive, inventive, varied electronic rock and is really an inspired musician and composer. He knows how to introduce light and shade into one's playing and to vary the sound effects from his electronic keyboards and to build energetic, colored and melodious themes full of subtlety and musical invention.

LPJazz Mad(ADN 001)1982


Marie-France ANGLADE, now known as M.F.A KERA, is starting a career as a rock singer, combining modern rock sounds with the rhythms and colours of African music. An excellent musical symbiosis full of punch and energy.

LPmfa Kera(RCA PL 37574)1981
Mini LP6.33(RCA PL 37745)1983
Bonus single with the 1st LP
SPMais y'en a/Sai(RCA)1981

Jean-Pierre ALARCEN

The former guitarist of SANDROSE has produced two solo albums on which he fails to show his incredible talent as a guitarist but builds up a music centred on the search for and creation of atmosphere. Like VANGELIS or Terje RYPDAL, he imposes a music which is beautiful, strange and captivating, fragile and violent, calm and serene. Symphonic music with superb orchestral movements and delicate lyricism.

LPJean-Pierre ALARCEN(L'Escargot ESC 371)1978
LPTableau N°1(Scoppuzzle ZZ 001)1980


In the early 70's, organist and composer, Laurent PETITGERARD's group turned towards classical rock trying to produce a successful and attractive synthesis of classical music and rock but the result was not fully convincing.

SPToccata/Tin Song(AZ SG 185)1970
SPLove Memories/Injection(AZ SG 225)1970


Quite representative of the eighties renewed French stage, ALESIA COSMOS takes its inspiration as much from traditions as from modernism and is part of the trend in French rock represented by groups such as UN DEPARTEMENT, GERMAIN HUBERT ALLES and DDAA.

LPExclusivo !(Plan 01)1983
LPAeroproducts(Hat Hart 2021)1985

1 titre sur la compilation "12 pour 1"(AAA A01)1982


This trio (guitar/bass/drums) plays an energetic, violent music influenced by Jimi HENDRIX and dominated by guitar solos.

SPLes enfants/Descente aux enfers(Algue Production AP 01)1984


The first french supergroup offered a very original and melodious music which was refined and spontaneous, beautiful and touching with elegant and elaborate arrangements. It was part of the progressive rock trend of the early 70's represented by groups like TRAFFIC and JETHRO TULL, but with its own undeniable personality.

LPAlice(BYG 529.016)1970
LPArretez le monde(Polydor 2393 043)1972
LPAll Ice(Polydor 2393 043)1972
(English version)
SPDe l'autre cote du miroir/Viens(BYG 129 019)1970
SPLe nouveau monde/Que pouvons nous faire ensemble ?(BYG 129 024)1970
SPJe voudrais habiter le soleil/Il viendra(BYG 129 029)1971


This group offered a music which was part of that specific trend in French rock represented by groups such as ANGE, ATOLL, MONA LISA and which was a cross between ATOLL's style (on its album "Musiciens-Magiciens") and GRIME or ICARE with a more amateur sound.

LPAlpha Centauri(ATS 3071)1976


The group was founded in autumn 73 by Jean-Pierre RICHARD and a former KOMINTERN drummer Gilles ROBERT. Their music is to be classed as jazz rock. The line-up changes in '75 around the guitarist Jean-Pierre RICHARD. Subsequently musicians from groups like RED NOISE or PATAPHONIE come and go and the music turned to free-rock. Eventually in 79 ALPHA DU CENTAURE recorded its first album.

LPContact(Spirales SRP 3318)1979


This short-lived group was founded by Claude ALVAREZ-PEREYRE (member of MALICORNE) and Michel MARESKA. They recorded one album with the aid of prestigious guests (F. BREANT, several members of TAI PHONG etc.). On this album, ALPHA RALPHA offered a very original, melodic, solely instrumental music with strange and varied atmospheres. The music on this album drifts away from a very attractive floating jazz rock, to a symphonic rock in the same vein as TAI PHONG and to an elegant and sophisticated rock like Mike OLFIELD or Bo HANSSON, even to the suggestive and picturesque rock from Francois BREANT's first album. An original and refined record.

LPAlpha Ralpha(WB 56 330)1977

Armande ALTAÏ

Armande ALTAI began her career as a singer by asserting her Turkish origins on an original debut album on which Joel DUGRENOT and David ROSE skilfully managed to bring out her profound personality and her "Turkish-lyric-rock". On her following albums, she produced a more conventional music closer to pure modern rock. She still remains an excellent singer with a superb voice.

LPAtavisme(Le chant des sirenes RCA PL 37329)1979
LPInformule(Mercury 6313 180)1981
LPNocturne Flamboyant(Mercury 810 422-1)1983
Maxi SPSchizophrenia/Angebigue/Informule/Building Blocks(Promo Mercury 6863 161)1981
SPInformule/Angebigue(Mercury 6010 343)1981
SPSchizophrenia/Angebigue(Mercury 6010 396)1981


Former member of MALICORNE and ALPHA RALPHA, Claude ALVAREZ-PEREYRE released two albums under his own name. The first one, very eclectic is mainly composed of sung tracks or musical poems. The second one is totally instrumental and offers a lively and colourful music, mixing jazz, rock, Brazilian and Mediterranean rhythms to produce an excellent exotic music full of strong tropical perfumes and latin charm. Accompanied by prestigious musicians, Claude ALVAREZ-PEREYRE enhances his talent as a violonist and a guitarist with his delicate style and his gift as an inspired composer and arranger, by elaborating very attractive and swinging themes.

LPEgregore(Garance RCA PL 37285)1980
LPMelange latin(MM 01)1985


Formed from the ashes of BANANAMOON whose leader was Daevid ALLEN, AME SON produced a music referred to at the time as "free-rock" which was not lacking in interest and originality. Underground music based on the flute and furious interventions by the guitar.

LPCatalyse(BYG 529.324)1970
SPJe veux juste dire/Unity(BYG 129.023)1970


AMIR's four multi-instrumentalists present an un-eategorisable music, taking in elements of free-jazz, contemporary music, ethnic jazz, early 20th century classical music, improvised jazz; and they offer the listener an extensive palette of sound-colours and a succession of images and atmospheres, in turns intimate, tormented, strange, or serene, which they weave and develop around their numerous instruments (multiple percussions, saxophones, piano etc.). An experimental music somewhere between SATIE, contemporary music and some of the productions from ECM.

LPAmir(RCA PL 37627)1981


This group plays a powerful, inventive, exquisite jazz rock , perfectly constructed and performed, tinged with humour through some musical sequences or phrases which introduce breaks in the original theme and drive it in a new direction, with new developments, thus enhancing this group's musical richness and creativeness.

SPVeprabilly/C'ui qui l'dit qui y'est


This line up of five musicians led by guitarist Jean-Claude GAUPIN plays an excellent progressive jazz rock which is built on a great instrumental perfection and the construction and development of complicated, exquisite, forceful themes during which he reveals as a guitarist the richness and originality of his style, greatly influenced by his origins as a rock musician.

LPJean-Claude GAUPIN Anatheme(SA 30 0032)1984


Both of these companions from the famous "new wave" group MARQUIS DE SADE like the most varied musical experiments (SAX PUSTULS, SZAJNER, KANDIGOR). They recorded two albums as a duo, on which they show their taste for a facetious, inventive music which sometimes evokes rock or jazz; but they transfigure these musical styles by their personality, their unconventional saxophone style, their continuous ferocity and their jovial eclecticism.

LPNous d'eux(Celluloid CEL 6573)1981
LPSacree musique(EPIC EPC 85530)1982


The only French group, along with MAGMA, to have reached recognition at international level and created a specific sound and a personal style. The originality of ANGE's music is built around Christian DECAMPS's vocal and theatrical presence, on his personality, his surrealistic and delirious lyrics and the ability of the group to express intense emotions, sensations and images which are included in its music and lyrics and finally on the shock of its compositions on the listener. ANGE succeeded in compelling recognition because of all these qualities, this direct contact with the audience and its profound and original personality.

LPCaricatures(Philips 6332 066)1972
LPLe cimetiere des Arlequins(Philips 6325 037)1973
LPAu-dela du delire(Philips 9101 004)1974
LPEmile Jacotey(Philips 9101 012)1975
LPPar les fils de Mandrin(Philips 9101 090)1976
LPBy the Sons of Mandrin(lyrics in English)1976
LPAnge Tome VI(Philips 6641 715)1977
LPEn concert(RCA PL 37153)1978
LPGuet-apens(Philips 9101 184)1978
LPVu d'un chien(Philips 6313 023)1980
LPMoteur !(Philips 6313 156)1981
LPA propos de(Philips 6313 404)1982
LPLa gare de Troyes(Philips 8121 391)1983
LPFou(Trema 310 182)1985
SPIsrael/Cauchemar(Caepe Disques JCP 25002)1970
SPTout feu, tout flamme/Dr Mann(Philips 6009 171)1971
SPLe soleil est trop vert/Le vieux de la montagne(Philips 6009 284)1971
SPCarricatures/Dignite(Philips 6837 077)1972
SPJour apres jour/Bele, bele, petite chevre(Philips 6837 311)1975
SPOde a Emile/Sur la trace des fees(Philips 6837 271)1975
SPLa Suisse/Les lorgnons(Philips 6837 377)1980
SPDetective prive/Ces gens la(Philips 6010 387)1981
SPLe moribond/La gare de Troyes(Philips 6010 560)1982
SPA jeun/Le rouge et le noir(Philips 6010 631)1982
SPLes jardins/La gare de Troyes(Philips 6837 807)1983

1 titre sur la compilation "Groovy Pop Session"(Philips 6332 044)1971


The ex-SPHEROE's keyboardist, Gerard MAIMONE is now working with the singer Olivier ANGELE to produce a rock tinged with new-wave. Original and refined music.

LPFaux semblants(Cesar 811 675-1)1983
SPQuestion piege/French Leave(Vertigo 822 251-1)1983



This line up of five musicians from Lyon plays a music in the same vein as ANGE or GENESIS. It's particularly built around the singer's vocal presence and the theatral aspect of the compositions. Because of this style of writing music and this vocal emphasis, ANGIPATCH's music evokes ANGE but also today's music by integrating modern sounds and instrumental combinations, laying the emphasis on the keyboards and using the studio as judiciously as possible.

LPVie(TO 1531)1981
LPDelirium(TO 1550)1982
SPReves/Terre des vilains(ABM 1023)1976


A group from Perigord, formed by Pascal LACHAIZE (keyboards) in july 82 and in the same vein as ANGE, B.J.H but in no way an obsolete band. Many tours in the South-West of France before recording their first SPin 1986 and a cassette titled "The Returning".

SPVisa for an other Earth 1986


ANUBIS comes within this new trend in French rock influenced at the same time by the "old" French school represented by ANGE, ATOLL, MONA LISA and by current French rock and songs. The group offers a music based on carefully selected vocal harmonies, the singer's high voice and the energetic straightforward themes during which the guitarist plays some very good, original and elaborate solos.

LPAnubis(Grizzly RCA ZL 37781)1983


Roger LOMBARDOT, well known for having written the lyrics of one track ("Dignite") of ANGE's first album, wrote this album's lyrics. Here he makes a come back with a line up from Ardeche, signing the lyrics on this album which is halfway between political songs and theatrical rock with texts in the same vein as ANGE or MONA LISA.

LPLa celebre ascension abyssale de Joseph Celsius(Editions de Plein Vent 78.33.09)1979


A young group who only produced one promising progressive rock album on which the influence of groups like KING CRIMSON, GENESIS or ANGE although evident is incorporated into their own ideas which are perfectly mastered and exploited. An unrecognized yet high quality album.

LPArachnoïd(Divox A 3304)1979


Dan AR BRAS is following a solo career which enables him to make use of the entire scope of his talent as a guitarist, composer, arranger and songwriter by producing superb albums full of invention and spontaneity. Like most solitary genuises (Mike OLFIELD, VANGELIS, Thomas ALMQVIST), Dan AR BRAS proposes an unclassifiable, beautiful and captivating music. Despite his deep attachment to the celtic music and culture, his music scorns classification blending folk music, rock and jazz into an unique and perfect synthesis.

LPDouar Nevez(Hexagone 883 009)1977
LPAllez dire a la ville(Hexagone 883 021)1978
LPThe Earth's Lament(Hexagone 883 034)1979
LPAcoustic(FLVM 3062)1983
LPMusiques pour les silences a venir(RS 3063)1985
SPTheme d'Anne de Bretagne/Theme nuptial/Mort de Charles VIII(FLVM 45104)1983

2 titres sur l'album "Nyon Festival"(Cat Music 81004/005)1980


A group in the same vein as ANGE, MONA LISA or SYNOPSIS with a preponderance of the vocals and keyboards but with a certain lack of maturity.

LPMaquette 1980


Halfway between jazz rock and modern jazz. There are some quiet jazzy themes and some more free ones with some incursions into a bouncing, exuberant and satirical jazz rock in the same vein as certain tracks on EFL or MAHJUN first albums.

LPMarron Dingue(Exit Records ARC 001)1979


This trio which has no drummer, but a very inventive percussionist, offers an excellent and original music, evoking and mixing the music of groups such as MAGMA, ART ZOYD, HENRY COW, JADE WARRIOR and even ARACHNOID. ARCHAIA's music is built on elaborate and intricate themes and is developed on tense rhythms, on oppressive tempos created by the frenzied hammering and rumbling of the bass and by the sharp sonorities of the numerous percussion instruments they use. Their music is also based on a remarkable instrumental work, on the superb interventions of the guitarist's percussive style and on the diversity and complexity of the vocal parts, which alternate and mix choral singing, declamatory singing, MAGMA-like singing, floating choirs, wild eructations, guttural and aerial voices. A music which is sometimes anguished but very original.

LPArchaïa(CC 77.976)1977


ARGILE's music was a cross between MARTIN CIRCUS's style on its early singles and CARPE DIEM's. The group shares with CARPE DIEM a certain musical sophistication and the same fondness for melodic and instrumental research.

SPPerce Neige/Demain la Terre(Vogue 45V.4210)1973


Strongly influenced by KING CRIMSON's "Lark's Tongue" with an atmosphere reminiscent of this album in the search for tension and the development of anguish. The album also includes some long passages of floating symphonic rock evocative of PULSAR. A very attractive album despite these influences.

LPOdyssee(Philips 9101 141)1977


A mythical group, one of the few, along with MAGMA, to have emerged from the first wave of French rock in the early 70's and still exist, even though none of the original formation remains. The group's music has also been entirely modified from its initial ZAPPA-inspired rock to a totally original European and unclassifiable sound, described however as belonging to "Musique nouvelle" ("New Music"), a musical movement originated by ART ZOYD. This group draws its inspiration from 20th century European music and culture to produce music which is profoundly novel, very intricate and powerful, with refined tempos and impressionistic atmospheres.

LPSymphonie pour le jour oil bruleront les cites(Art Zoyd 001)1976
LPMusique pour I'Odyssee(Atem 7002)1979
LPGeneration sans futur(Atem 7007)1980
LPSymphonie pour le jour....(Atem 7010)1981
(reissue-different mixing)
LPPhase IV(Rec Rec 14 & 15)1982
LPEspaces inquiets(Cryonic INC 1153)1983
LPLe mariage du ciel et de l'enfer(Cryonic MAD 3009)1984
SPSangria/Something in Love(Opaline 1105)1971
SPManege(Rec Rec)1982


ASIA MINOR offers an excellent, very elaborate and original progressive rock, built on the alternately delicate and fiery chords of the guitar, on the majestic flowishes of the flute and on the clear and nostalgic singing of Setrak BAKIREL. ASIA MINOR develops some intricate and exquisite melodies which are very well arranged and polished, and they are undoubtedly one of the best progressive groups of the eighties, producing a very refined and elegant music, which takes its influences from such groups as KING CRIMSON (at the time of their first three albums), JETHRO TOLL (at the beginning of their career), FOCUS or JADE WARRIOR, along with the legacy of Armenian music and culture, and also their own ideas and musical personality. Their music alternates and mixes peaceful, serene passages and sequences stamped with frenzied violence, marked by the energetic, tense and feverish climaxes of the flute or the guitar, and by the tormented inflections of Setrak BAKIREL's voice. Excellent and original.

LPCrossing the Line(WAM 001)1979
LPBetween Flesh and Divine(WAM 101)1981


One of the first French rock singles. High quality bluesy-rock featuring an excellent track "Le chien" with Indian influences and an exceptional guitar solo played by Claude GUILLAIN.

SPLe Chien/Blues en do banal(Odeon 2C 0061-10.241M)1970


A phantom group founded by J.P MASSIERA who wrote all the titles on the album performed by these musicians from the South East. The same J.P MASSIERA is not actually a musician of the group but is nevertheless the LP's producer.

LPAtlantide(Crypto ZAL 6423)1976


This unjustly unknown group from the end of the 70's; produced an extraordinary album with multiple influences going from ANGE to KING CRIMSON, not forgetting GENESIS. On this essential album, Alain ROBERT with his FRIPP-like guitar sound, and a fantastic singer, Gaetan JACQUES, whose singing is very similar to Peter GABRIEL'S, distinguish themselves.

LPThe German's Gates(PDA 002)1979


ATOLL is an another major French rock group. They were first influenced by ANCE but then quickly went on to create their own personal sound and a specific style. The originality of their music was based on the power and vocal assurance of their excellent singer, Andre BALZER, on the quality of their very elaborate compositions with refined and elegant arrangements, on the strength of their always polished and percussive melodies, and on the musicians's instrumental mastery and virtuosity. They are perfect technicians and inspired soloists (Christian BEYA, an exceptional guitarist and Michel TAILLET, a gifted keyboardist). ATOLL produced an intricate, vigorous, energetic and inventive music, both wonderfully arranged and played. It was one of the best and one of the most original progressive rock groups.

LPMusiciens-Magiciens(Eurodisc 87 008)1974
LPL'Araignee Mal(Eurodisc 87 028)1975
LPTertio(Eurodisc 913 132)1977
LPRock-puzzle(Eurodisc 914 300)1980
LPCosmic Trips(Eurodisc 201 761)1981
SPJe t'aime quand je te vois/Change ta vie(Eurodisc 12806 J)1973
SPLe secret du Mage/Je fais un reve(Eurodisc 12811 N)1974
SPParis, c'est fini/Tunnel(Eurodisc 911 184)1978
SPSmarto Kitshy/L'ultime rock(Eurodisc 911 231)1980


A symphonic rock group influenced by ANGE, ATOLL, MONA LISA and GENESIS. A rich, well constructed and polished music.

SPLes Herbes bleues 1ere partie/2eme partie(CC 78 038)1978


Playing several instruments (guitar, synthesizers, violin, accordion) and accompanied by a solely acoustic line up (guitar, violins, cellos) with the heLPof Claudia PHILLIPS's voice, Rene AUBRY, on this album, performs music that he composed for two Carolyn CARLSON's ballets. His music is spellbinding, very beautiful and pure, sometimes in the same vein as repetitive music, sometimes very close to Thomas DIETHELM or Andreas WOLLENWEIDER's productions. Like both of these musicians, he celebrates an unclassifiable, delicate, baroque music which is conceived and orchestrated like a long suite evolving under the form of imperceptible cyclic movements and long exquisite musical developments.

LPRené Aubry(131256)1984

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