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A different aspect of French progressive rock. Far removed from traditional trends and playing with an uncommon formation (keyboards/guitar/violin), WAPASSOU created a very lyrical, very beautiful progressive music with an ethereal and floating atmosphere. Because of its unusual formation WAPASSOU evolved in a sector of neo-floating music which had little to do with that of the Germanic groups with its slight classical touch and sensitive and impressionistic strength which counted for a great deal of its charm. An excellent, romantic, delicate, subtle music.

LPWapassou(Prodisc PS 37342)1974
LPMesse en ré mineur(Crypto ZAC 6401)1976
LPSalammbô(Crypto ZAL 6437)1978
LPLudwig, un roi pour l'éternité(Crypto ZAL 6477)1979
LPGénuine(Sterne STE 26512)1980
SPFemmes fleurs/Borgia(A.P.G.F AS 001)1971


This duo from Nancy, which turned into a trio with POC's arrival, included Alan WARD who later became a violonist with UNIVERS ZERO for a short while. They played a music they called "contemporary folk". The writing and instrumentation obviously evoke folk music but with the lyrics firmly anchored in the present and a certain musical modernity expressed especially by the violin's lyrical and warm sounds draw it aside from traditional folk music. Some beautiful songs, particularly on the first album, with the violin's sensual chords.

LPWard et Fedrizzi(Unidisc UD 30.1367)1978
LPFedrizzi, Ward et Poc(FWEP 1)1979


Founded by Bernard PAGANOTTI, WEIDORJE comprised two brass musicians, two keyboardists, a guitarist and a drummer plus its leader on the bass guitar and vocals. The group's music stood at the crossroads between MAGMA and HELDON's experiences combining their folly and violence on obsessional, hypnotic rhythmic structures propelled along by Bernard PAGANOTTI's inhuman bass guitar. A music full of ferocious energy weaving an anguished, delirious atmosphere. A very strong album which is indispensable to all MAGMA and HELDON fans.

LPWeidorje(Cobra COB 37.014)1978


Former violonist with Alan STIVELL's group and fleeting member of MALICORNE, René WERNEER proposes an exquisite, original and sophisticated progressive folk music. He celebrates the union of rock, folk and a certain kind of classical music. He adapts and orchestrates traditional airs using 17th century chamber music aesthetics and so produces a precious, distinguished and elegant music.

LPL'Habit de plumes(Philips 9101 162)1978
LPEcoutez tous, pauvres et riches(Philips 9101 192)1979


A lone creator who produced two excellent albums whose one, constructed like a concept album, reveals a great musical and melodic finesse and a refined atmosphere; all qualities which evoke ALICE. François WERTHEIMER shares with this group that same liking for a polished music with delicate, fine melodies and sophisticated arrangements.

LPFermez les yeux(Philips 9101 133)1977
SPLe compagnon de voyage/L'automne(BYG 129.030)1971
SPPour un peu mieux que d'habitude/Saturne(Sonopresse AP 40145)1974


A group which recorded a very good African jazz-rock album full of ferocious punch and energy in the manner of SPEAR or JABULA. Lots of feverish rhythms, warmth and an obvious pleasure in playing and celebrating a music of colours and rhythms.

LPMohamed Ali the Great(B.O.F/Soundtrack)1975
LPWest African Cosmos(CBS 81269)1976


MAGMA's former keyboardist has recorded three albums under his own name. After a first entirely solo record he produced a second album accompanied by a real group playing a music based on the search for tones and sounds and on a constant working-out of melodies. This album features some very beautiful themes built up around the keyboards. On his last album he offers an original, colourful, very melodious music during which he displays the wealth and finesse of his talent on the synthesizers. In the manner of ZAWINUL (of WEATHER REPORT) for example, he possesses an undeniable talent for building up and developing refined melodies based on the delicate, original sounds and notes produced by the keyboards.

LPStress(Ballon Noir BAL 13002)1977
LPTsunami(Ballon Noir BAL 13014)1979
LPFusion (Lockwood/Top/Vander/Widemann)(JMS 015)1981
LP3(CY Records CY 733 614)1984

Elisabeth WIENER

Elisabeth WIENER was an actress and half of the group PHOENIX before she started a solo career and is part of that modern female rock trend represented by female singers such as MFA KERA or SAPH0. She plays an energetic, syncopated, contrastive music, tinged with today's rock sounds, colours and rhythms. She is accompanied by several famous musicians (ALARCEN, PAGANOTTI, PRAT, SHEHAN...) who efficiently enhance her lyrics and warm, feline voice.

LPElisabeth WIENER(Virgin 201.914)1982
LPElisabeth WIENER(Virgin 201.965)1983


A quartet comprising three guitarists and a drummer whose mainly acoustic music was based on the beauty and spontaneity of the vocal harmonies and on the delicate guitar chords. The influences of C,S,N and Y, DYLAN, folk music and the blues combined with their French origins to produce a beautiful, refreshing, pleasant sound.

SP1980/Lorsque le soleil se lévera(Pathé Marconi 2C 006-11.881)1972

Raymond WINTER

A guitarist whose music is divided between a sober electric jazz-rock and a delicate, lyrical acoustic jazz-rock. Raymond WINTER has abandoned gratuitous demonstrations for the benefit of a more structured, more concise music with less importance given to solo displays than to the interpretation of elaborate, perfectly constructed themes.

LPTropic Woods(Epm Records Epm 001)1981

Patrice WITT

VENT D'EST's former keyboardist made a solo album on which he declares his fondness for a melodic and sophisticated rock based on carefully worked-out vocal harmonies, effective and attractive melodies and a remarkable instrumental finesse and mastery. His music evokes that of VENT D'EST or TREPONEM PAL with, however, a greater instrumental richness. This album features some superb instrumental passages and very percussive, strong and beautiful melodies.

LPFor D.J's and long Highways(OM 67035)1982


A quartet with a classical instrumentation - guitar/bass/drums/keyboards - which plays a purely instrumental progressive rock in the same vein as CAMEL, S.F.F or even the LORENTZ brother's album. WLUD presents a polished, suggestive music, full of nuances. Its varied climates are successively ethereal, soft, majestic and violent. This music is based on a dialogue between the guitar and keyboards and their developments. The beautiful compositions sometimes include a slight romantic touch. Sometimes they are energetic and forceful, illuminated by the guitarist's sober and agile style and Philippe WENDLING's contrasted and lyrical playing on the keyboards.

LPCarrycroch'(OM 67005)1978
LP"Second"(OM 67010)1979
SPVivisection assassination/Alias Circus(OM 681)1981
(Sung tracks)
SPPhoque rescapé/La souris(OM 682)1981
(Sung tracks)


This line up presents a technical, lyrical, ethereal, virtuoso jazz rock in the same vein as PERIGEO, NOVA or BRAND X. WOODEN EAR plays a suggestive, brilliantly and finely interpreted music. The musicians, Eric BOELL on the guitar, Christian DARRE on keyboards or Jean QUERLIER on saxophone, are very inspired and talented. They prove their great musical maturity, a certain melodic subtlety and a remarkable ability to build and develop penetrating, impressionist and intense climates.

LPFantasy(Warner Music WM 002)1979


A jazz-rock production from a group led by André CECCARELLI. A certain Latin-American charm with very good work on the percussions.

LPWorking Progress(RCA FPL1 0059)1975


This line up of seven musicians, including ex-IRIS Alain CARBONARE and two ex-UTAHS, proposes a very original progressive music which is partly interpreted by instruments invented and made by the group. It can be compared with productions by PIIRPAUKE or SAMLA (at its debut). WURTEMBERG presents a mainly pastoral, ethereal, distinguished and exquisite music which mixes folk, progressive rock and classical music. This particularly beautiful, pure and sophisticated music is full of the flute's limpid accents and the piano's crystal-like chords. An excellent album.

LPRock Fantasia Opus 9(Sterne STE 26511)1980

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