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The saxophonist Jean-Marc PADOVANI offers a percussive, incisive jazz-rock which excells by his sparkling style and the talented interventions of the musicians who accompany him (Claude BARTHELEMY, P. DELETTREZ, J.L PONTHIEUX, M. DENIZET etc). Based on energetic, scorching rhythms, and propelled along by a powerful, dynamic rhythmic section, J.M PADOVANI's music is animated by passion, devastating folly and tremendous, ferocious energy. J.M PADOVANI's album fits into the category of energetic and tumultuous jazz-rock productions with an undeniable character an a formidable musical force.

LPDemain matin(Métro Records JB 104)1984


Former MAGMA and WEIDORJE's bassist recorded his first solo album, on which accompanied by prestigious guests (GAUTHIER, SALMIERI, GUILLARD brothers...) he proposes a powerful, energetic, hypnotic music in the same vein as WEIDORJE. His rumbling bass propels along this music and imparts that wild pulsation and that peculiar and so original obsessional scansion to the themes. The compositions are strong, polished, marked by the drum's forceful punctuations and the bass's warlike hammering, illuminated by the keyboards exquisite chords or the brass's original sounds and inflamed by PAGANOTTI's guttural and MAGMA-like vocals and by both female singers' ethereal singing.

LPPaga(Cream 120)1985


PANDEMONIUM'S music sometimes evokes TANGERINE DREAM's early works or KRAFTWERK but with a more pronounced cold blooded violence and a taste for the creation of a tense, anguished atmosphere. This deliberately maintained coldness and aridity is emphasized by the absence of melodies and rhythm.

LPVille ouverte(Atem 7003)1979
LPNon, jamais l'espérance(Atem 7004)1979


After a debut album combining jazz-rock and humoristic free-rock in the same vein as ETRON FOU or MARCOEUR's productions, PANTINCRUEL made a second better structured album which was based more on technique and instrumental virtuosity than on the first album with a stronger deep-rooted attachment to jazz. Note the scintillating, original style of Frédéric FREROT on guitar and a very beautiful re-working of Don CHERRY's Ghinea.

LPJ'y retourne immédiatement(CC 79.148)1979
LPCourants d'airs(EC 4)1982


After leaving TRIANGLE, PAPILLON, the bassist of this group which was well-known in the 70's, recorded an album under his own name accompanied by the group VOYAGE and the members of TRIANGLE (LORENZINI, JEANNEAU, PREVOTAT).

LPLa planète R'n'Roll(Pathé 2C 064-12734)1974
SPLa planète R'n'Roll(Pathé 12497)1974

Jean-François PAPIN

Former member of the group ROCK CRITICS, Jean-Francois PAPIN began his solo career in 1981 by producing his debut album which using his own musical ideas continued and prolonged the musical approach followed by ROCK CRITICS.

LPInsane Dances(Upon Tyne UT 382)1981

Emmanuelle PARRENIN

Emmanuelle PARRENIN is a well-known female singer and musician from the French folk scene. She made her first solo album practically on her own, on which she proposes an acoustic, original and delicate progressive folk music. It's full of crystal clear dulcimer or spinet sounds. The sound engineer's work transforms the acoustic instruments obsessive and incredible sounds. Her apparently fragile, clear, sensitive, incredibly pure and beautiful voice soars above this refined music. Both her music and her voice charm and hold us spellbound.

LPMaison rose(Ballon Noir BAL 13001)1977


This trio is following an original path, abandoning traditional and pure folk music or modern and electrified folk music. It offers an attractive, solely acoustic progressive folk music and creates a music sometimes very close to a certain tradition of conventional French folk, but sometimes more adventurous and inventive, developing exquisite, original and surprising sounds over which Emmanuelle PARRENIN' s superb spellbinding voice ascends.

LPChâteau dans les nuages(Cezame CEZ 1016)1976


After a first delirious, very free album, PATAPHONIE released its second album of progressive rock which fitted into the category of music explored and represented by groups such as HENRY COW or NATIONAL HEALTH. A slight influence from the old school of French progressive rock can also be felt. This influence is mixed with some reminiscences of the 20tn century European composers (BARTOK, SATIE, DEBUSSY). A very good album.

LPPataphonie(Pôle 0003)1975
LPLe matin blanc(Féerimusic Féeri 178)1979


A jazz-rock group offering a spontaneous, polished, carefree and fairly easily accessible music. WEATHER REPORT and PASSPORT'S strong influence can be felt with, however, less elaborate and more catchy themes. A sunny, warm music with a lazy or exotic atmosphere which can be very attractive.

LPOuvertures(Cobra COB 37.016)1978


This group was influenced by ANGE but more especially by KING CRIMSON at the time of its first two albums and proposes a symphonic music which is built around the nostalgic accents of the singer's voice, the acoustic guitar's refined chords and the delicate floating sounds of the keyboards, punctuated by the cymbals delicate tinklings and enhanced by the guitar's quiet flowishes. The sophisticated and polished compositions, tinged with gentle sadness, are in the same vein as KING CRIMSON's first album's melancholy melodies ("In the Court", "Epitath", "I talk to the Wind") or some tracks from CRESSIDA or SPRING.

LPLa Clef des songes(Arcane 913001)1975


Former keyboardist with TRANSIT EXPRESS, Serge PERATHONER recorded this piano solo album on which he pays homage to SATIE and displays the finesse, delicacy and richness of his piano playing by developing a lyrical and impressionistic atmosphere close to that created by Keith JARRETT.

LPImpressionnisme(Gratte Ciel 2010)1978
LPPaco l'infaillible(RCA PL 37593)1982


Jeff SEFFER's group plays a jazz-rock close to ZAO's with a more strongly asserted free tendency.

LPPerception(Futura GER 019)1971
LPPerception & Friends(ADMI 01)1973
LPMestari(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74555)1974

Michel PEREZ

SPHEROE's former guitarist is following a solo career and proposes a swinging, technical, rigorous and warm jazz rock which hightlights his incredible virtuosity and deep musical finesse. His talents as an instrumentalist combine with an original inspiration to form a radiant lyricism and delicate sensitivity through the glittering purity of his style as a guitarist and the elegance of his melodies.

LPKaléidoscope(MP 1002)1983
LPVirgile(MP 1004)1985


Claude PERRAUDIN is well-known as an author of sound illustration records. This multi-instrumentalist has recorded an album which is not destined only for TV or movie professionals but for a wider audience. He proposes a varied, inventive, pleasant, suggestive music, full of imagery, in the same vein as productions from Mike OLFIELD's emulators (Kevin PEEK, Gordon GILTRAP, SKY...).

LPMutation 24(RCA PL 37070)1977


Cyrille VERDEAUX, the leader of CLEARLIGHT, is familiar to you, now discover his brothers and a few friends on PETITES ANNONCES's debut album. Along with Olivier JOSS (bass), who was the driving force behind the group's formation, there is Bruno, Cyrille, Jerôme and Laurent VERDEAUX: drummer, pianist, percussionist and trumpeter respectively. A solely instrumental record close to muzak. It is easily accessible, pleasant to listen to and naturally heavily tinged with jazz-rock.

LPPetites Annonces(BB 33.33)1981


On this album, the former ALEPH and PIF organist, along with some famous musicians (Teddy LASRY, Bernard LUBAT...) pursues his ambition to produce a music of synthesis which combines classical music, rock and jazz. He produces a rather symphonic music which takes its lyricism and sophistication from classical music, its rhythmical pulsations from rock and its freedom of expression from jazz. He thus offers an original, warm, energetic and radiant new chamber music and avoids the coldness and pompous, artificial aspect usually connected with this kind of attempt.

LPLaurent PETITGERARD( Discodis 140500)1972
SPLulli Party


A group founded by Elisabeth WIENER and Jacques LENNOX. Rock in the same vein as that produced by certain current female rock singers (especially SAPHO). Some good compositions and an orchestration directed by Jannick TOP.

LPMagick(Barclay 91 028)1979

Richard PINHAS

The power behind HELDON has recorded several albums under his own name which fit into the category of electronic, repetitive rock made popular by HELDON but PINHAS's music also represents his more personal experiences and offers a less violent, less extreme sound.

LPRhizosphère(Cobra COB 37.005)1977
LPChronolyse(Cobra COB 37.015)1978
LPIceland(Polydor 2393 254)1980
LPEast West(CBS 84787)1980
LPL'Ethique(Pulse 006)1982
LPPerspective(WEA 24 0303-1)1984
SPTelstar/Rhizosphère suite(Cobra COB 47.008)1978
under the name T.H.X
SPBeautiful May/New York(Promo CBS)1980
SPWest Side/Houston 69(Pulse 5001)1981


Progressive rock combined with the trend of corrosive and sarcastic rock represented by groups like ETRON FOU or GONG with some reminders of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART. Some beautiful, well-constructed, polished themes with an excellent instrumentation.

LPPlat du jour(Speedball 1002)1977
SPTotem/Zil-Bra(Speedball 3)1977


A group which later became a record label. Their music is halfway between electro-acoustic experimentation and minimal synthetic music.

LPKotrill(Pôle 0001)1975
LPInside the Dream(Pôle 0002)1975

Jean-Luc PONTY

The prodigy and the undisputed master of the violin. After having begun a solo career, he came to the attention of Frank ZAPPA who produced his album "King-Kong". He later became a member of the MOTHERS before leaving to join John Mac LAUGHLIN's MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA. After leaving this group he went back to his solo career accompanied by excellent musicians. He began by playing a very technical, demonstrative jazz rock, rather cold and not very original before moving towards a more personal, more lyrical sound based less on pure technique and going beyond the stereotypes and pitfalls of jazz rock. Just as inventive and inspired a violonist as ever he was successful in bringing his virtuosity to the aid of his talent as a composer and melody writer to produce albums on which the emphasis is laid on construction, the beauty of the themes, colour and the attractiveness of the melodies.

LPSunday Walk(MPS 0068 226)1967
LPMore than meets the Ear(Pacific Jazz 20134)1967
LPElectric Connection(Pacific Jazz 20156)1968
LPExperience(Pacific Jazz 20168)1969
LPKing-Kong(Pacific Jazz 20172)1970
LPAstrorama(Far East ETJ 65016)1970
LPOpen Strings(MPS 68088)1972
LPLive in Montreux(Pierre Cardin AZ STEC 133)1972
LPPONTY/GRAPPELLI(America 30 AM 6169)1973
LPViolin Summit(Saba)
LPNew Violin Summit(MPS 15081)1973
LPLive in L.A(UAS 29270)
LPPortrait(United Artists UAS 29281/2)
LPLive at Dontes(Blue Note LT 1102)
LPThe Beginning of Jean-Luc PONTY(Palm 19)
LPUpon the Wings of Music(Atlantic 18138)1975
LPImaginary Voyage(Atlantic 18195)1976
LPCanteloupe Island(Blue Note BNLA 632)1976
LPAurora(Atlantic WEA 50228)1976
LPLa sorcellerie à travers les âges(Communication C0 301)1977
LPPONTY meets GASLINI(Produttoriassociati Pa ILP 64)
LPOpen Mind(Polydor 823 581-1)
LPOd Vision(SPX 6836)
LPCritic's Choice(Prestige S7676)
LPLes grands violonistes de jazz(Phonogram 6612 039)
LPCosmic Messenger(Atlantic WEA 50505)1979
LPLive(Atlantic WEA 50594)1979
LPA Taste for Passion(Atlantic 50666)1979
LPCivilized Evil(Atlantic 16020)1980
LPAs Trio HLP(All Life AL 009/10)1980
LPMystical Adventures(Atlantic 19333)1982
LPTrio HLP Last Set(All Life AL 015)1982
LPIndividual Choice(Atlantic 800981)1984
LPFables(Atlantic 781 276-1)1985


After having tried a first synthesis of rock and classical music with ALEPH, Laurent PETITGERARD continued this experiment. This time, he gathered a large line up with a string section, a rock rhythmic section and Patrice QUENTIN on saxophone and flute. This album includes only original tracks (except a cover version of ZAPPA's Mr green Genes). PIF offers an attractive, never artificial nor soporific but elegant and perfectly constructed classical rock music. PIF's music is based on the exposition and development of the string section's themes and on Laurent PETITGERARD's fluent and judicious interventions on the piano and organ.

LPPop Instrumental de France(Vogue LOXV.17002)1971
LPSoho/La danse des squelettes(Vogue OXV 563)1971


POTEMKINE belongs to that kind of European jazz rock scene represented by groups such as ZAO, BRAND X, HATFIELD and plays a powerful, exquisite and original music. Their music is slightly tinged with classical music (DEBUSSY, MALHER) and by MAGMA's influence through some vocal and rhythmic parts. This group develops an inventive, very polished music which is based on a great instrumental precision and energetic, dense, continually evolving themes which are enlightened by the guitarist's agile and frenzied interventions and illuminated by the numerous percussion instruments delicate touches and subtle nuances. A particularly beautiful and strong music often full of cold melancholy.

LPTriton(VST 7162)1976
LPFoetus(Tartempion-Pôle 0010)1977
LPNicolas II(Phaeton 7801)1978


The group founded by MAGMA's former keyboardist Gerard BIKIALO produced this uninspired, unoriginal and unpretentious rock album.

LPPouin Final(RCA FLP1 0147)1976
SPRock à New-York/Constat(RCA FLP )1976

Jean-Paul PRAT

Jean-Paul PRAT is MASAL's founder, drummer and composer. With the help of a large line up including drums, percussions, bass, vocals, keyboards, guitars and a huge brass section, he recorded his first album on which he proposes a powerful, very elaborate, polished and arranged music. His music is propelled along by an energetic rhythmic section and evolves like a modern symphony. It's based on complicated orchestral movements and is modified by the musical directions imparted by the numerous instruments. This very forceful music, full of finesse and nuances alternates very dense, violent parts with serene, calm piano or flute sequences. An album of a very rare beauty and deep originality. In the same vein as WEIDORJE but with a bigger orchestration and a more serene and soothing inspiration.

LPMasai(Stand By Records SB 83121)1984


This group is in the same vein as satirical bands and rock chansonniers, very close to the GRAND MAGIC CIRCUS, MARCOEUR or ZAPPA, sharing with these musicians that same mixture of agressivity, provocation and sharp humour.

LPEnregistrement public(RCA PL 37388)1980
SPLe camping du soleil/Les Géants Boulous(RCA PB 8363)1979


This energetic and funny trio from Niort was a long time known as a copy of the RESIDENTS. Now, it has its own identity and personality taken from the originality of its music. Their originality can also be appreciated in the design of their records sleeves.

LPIgnobles limaces(AYAA DT 1084)1984

1 titre sur la compilation 12 pour 1(AAA A01)1982


A compilation comprising for the main part "Live" recordings of 13 french groups. For some of these groups it will be the only trace of their career on record (CONTREPOINT, DESIGN etc) and for the others it is a complement to their long careers (Catherine RIBEIRO, MAGMA, CATHARSIS, MARKUSFELD) Note the presence of two foreign guests (Roger MASON, Steve WARING).

LPPuissance 13+2(Thélème-Philips 6641 037)1972
SPArkham (SPECTRE)/All's so comic (ERGO SUM)(Thélème-Philips 6837 041)1972


Greatly influenced by PINK FLOYD initially, PULSAR managed to break free from this musical influence to produce an excellent, original, forceful symphonic rock. Superb melodies built up around the continuous floating sounds of the mellotron and punctuated by inspired passages from the flute or guitar. Gilbert GANDIL's full, warm voice soars above these melodies. A very sophisticated, polished, elaborate and refined music, full of finesse. Its musical developments are exquisite and grandiose and its arrangements are somptuous. PULSAR is a major progressive rock group in France and throughout the world. Its four albums are real masterpieces and totally essential for any progressive rock fans.

LPPollen(Kingdom Records KY 28.031)1975
or (CBS 82769)
LPThe Strands of the Future(Kingdom Records KA 20.226)1976
or (CBS 82703)
LPHalloween(CBS 82477)1977
LPBienvenue au conseil d'administration(Théâtre de la Satire CS 811)1981
SPSorrow in my Dreams/Dawn over Darkness(Promo CBS 5875)1977

1 titre sur la compilation "Groovy Pop Session"(Philips 6332 044)1972


Formed from the ashes of ROTOMAGUS, PUNCH comprised this group's three vocalists. Therefore PUNCH's record naturally follows in the musical footsteps of this group. The music on their single remains stamped with the mark of groups such as VANILLA FUDGE, C,S,N and Y with this vocal predominance and fondness for a floating, refined atmosphere. PUNCH's music, however, has a much more asserted commercial tendency.

SPIdylle à London/Le pays où l'on vit d'amour(Pathé Marconi EMI)1972

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