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This keyboardist is a specialist in making sound illustration records. He produces a suggestive and varied music, full of imagery. He uses all the possibilities of the synthesizers and elaborates and develops lots of different climates which are successively fragile and serene, calm and delicate, refined and melancholic.






LPL'Aventure des plantes(Carrère)


FALSTAFF is a progressive rock group whose solely instrumental music sometimes evokes MAGMA (at the time of "Udu Wudu") or WEIDORJE by the structure of the compositions, its rhythmic strength and rigour, the instrumental power and precision and by the sounds and melodies created by the instruments (rumbling PAGANOTTI-like bass, keyboards in the same vein as Patrick GAUTHIER). CARPE DIEM and ATOLL also influenced this group which is fond of sophisticated compositions with elegant and exquisite arrangements. An excellent album.

LPPrononcez ξ(001)1981

Pierre FANEN

ZOO's former guitarist has recorded two singles under his own name, one of which corresponds to the music of a film. His records do not fully emphasize his incredible talent as a guitarist which he was successful in bringing to the fore as a member of ZOO.

LPMadame Georges/Les pigeons(Barclay 61.474)1971
LPAscension/La michetonneuse(Barclay 61.543)1971

Philippe FARRE

This singer can be classed in the same musical tradition as the French rock "troubadours" such as ILOUS, R. GILLY or ZACHA. He offers a soft, delicate music, which is tinged with gentle melancholy and fragile beauty. Philippe FARRE's refined and sensitive compositions are perfectly enhanced by talented musicians (P. ARROYO, J.A GARDET, C. ALVAREZ-PEREYRE, A. MARCOEUR), who elaborate and create with a great finesse an atmosphere corresponding to the expression of his poetical world.

LPLes Aiguilles du Temps(WEA 52.045)1977


After reaching success with a serie of whimsical hits, Nino FERRER started playing a more original music and offered more committed compositions. He criticized Society, human stupidity or talked about more intimist and personal subjects through which he showed his sensitivity and disenchanted rebellion. Nino FERRER was a delicate poet and an anti-establishment troubadour whose lyrics were perfectly enhanced by very polished and arranged music.

LPMetronomie(Riviera 421.082 U)1972
LPSuite en oeuf(CBS 81586)1975
LPBlanat(Free Bird LTA-01)1979


A mythical record which many people believe never come out. In fact, this LPwas never released officially. Only ten samples were moulded, with no sleeve, and the record was never commercialized because Futura Records went bankrupt first. Apart from its historical interest, this LPfeatures underground "free rock" with all the excesses and extravagances inherent in this kind of music.

LPTrixie Stapelton 291-Se taire pour une femme trop belle(Futura RED 04)1973


Formed in 1971 under the name of YECTA PLUS BAND, the group recorded a single which was distributed exclusively in England. The group then disappeared to reappear two years later under the name of FLAMEN DIALIS. In '78 they released a self-produced single and the year after an album under the same conditions. Their music, initially influenced by Mike OLFIELD, developed into a more personal, original and lyrical music, full of atmosphere.

LPSymptome Dei(FLVM 3006)1979
LPDécouverte/Autre chose(FLVM 4504)1978
LPHave you ever cried/Nauthere(Vogue)1971


Pascal COMELADE's group made this record featuring repetitive electronic music, in the same vein as the early HELD0N, and on which one guest is in fact a certain Richard PINHAS.

LPFluence(Pôle Records 0008)1976


Sometimes, this trio, founded by guitarist Henri PADOVANI, plays an energetic and fiery music in the same vein as DNA, sometimes, (particularly on its single on which appears Lol COXHILL) it plays a simple and pleasant melody with a mellow sound.

LPFont l'enfer(Skydog Records SKI 2225)1984
LPWestern Pasta(Arabella 102298)1981


The group's members come from the centre of France. They offer a slightly symphonic rock on the compilation "Rock of the 80's" and more "roll" on their single.

LPIdentité/Le serpent(Magic Productions 0019)1980

2 titres sur la compilation "Rock of the 80's"(Magic Productions 0025)1980


Founded by Alain BLESING, the former guitarist of ESKATON, FOEHN offers a deeply beautiful and powerful music which integrates and combines the inheritance left by some of the masters of French music (especially MAGMA and ZAO) with the influence of some representatives of "Fusion Music" (WEATHER REPORT, BRAND X) and over which Anou BELLIARD's vocalises rise in a vocal tradition set up by Flora PURIM. FOEHN works out a very lyrical and melodious music, perfectly built up and arranged. It is enhanced by the vocalises and notes reached by Anou BELLIARD's clear and light voice. A warm, sophisticated music which combines virtuosity, originality, inspiration and lyricism.

LPFaèria(C.C 4610)1985


In the early 70's, along with Catherine RIBEIRO, she stirred up the French musical scene and asserted herself by the quality and originality of her songs. Her special way of singing, her profoundly original music and the delirious, committed or provocative themes of her songs helped to establish her as one of the best and most interesting French singers of her time. Sharing her fondness for original music, unusual sounds and a strange atmosphere with Catherine RIBEIRO, she always succeeded in choosing the musical accompaniment which was perfect for the atmosphere she wanted to create and which adapted itself completely to the themes she developed in her songs. Thus she recorded one of her most beautiful songs ("lettre au chef de gare de la tour de Carol") with the ART ENSEMBLE of CHICAGO, a well-known free-jazz group which managed to bring out the best in her lyrics and the depth of her exceptional personality. Later she continued her career making high quality albums with often contestant and surrealistic lyrics and music which always remained just as amazing and forceful as ever.

LPBrigitte est folle(Saravah SH 10 001)1970
LPComme à la radio(Saravah SH 10 006)1971
LPBrigitte FONTAINE(Saravah SH 10 034)1972
LPL'Incendie(BYG 529.026)1973
LPJe ne connais pas cet homme(Saravah SH 10 041)1974
LPLe Bonheur(Saravah SH 10 059)1975
LPDouze chansons avant le déluge(Discodis 48846)
LPLes églantines sont peut-être formidables(RCA)
LPVous et Nous(Saravah RSL 1071)1978
LPL'Eté/Tanka(Saravah 40.015)1970
SPLettre au chef de gare de la tour de Carol/Le noir, c'est mieux choisi(Saravah 40 007)1971

Patrick FORGAS

Another versatile drummer, totally immersed in the music of SOFT MACHINE'S first three albums and entirely devoted to the cult of Robert WYATT, Patrick FORGAS recorded this album which stakes out in the same direction as SOFT MACHINE'S gifted drummer. Even though the record is a homage, it still keeps its own character, that of Patrick FORGAS, drummer, singer, organist and bassist who along with experienced musicians (Gérard PREVOST, Patrick TILLMAN, François DEBRICON from ZAO, Patrick LEMERCIER from MALICORNE etc) offers a rich, elaborate, inventive and very varied music with magnificent arrangements A must for all progressive rock fans.

LPCocktail(Gratte Ciel 2006)1977
LPMonks/Cocktail(Gratte Ciel ZB 8125)1977


Guitarist with MAGMA for a short time in 1972 and second half of the well-known CARATINI/FOSSET duo, Marc FOSSET, alone with his guitar, has recorded an album on which he plays a sophisticated and delicate music built around his guitar chords and wanderings. It hesitates between an elegant acoustic jazz and background music whose atmosphere is reminiscent of Eric SATIE.

LPLa Récré(America AM 6153)1978

Jean-Pierre FOUQUEY

The keyboardist Jean-Pierre FOUQUEY (ex MAGMA) offers a very jazzy, professional and pleasant music on his first two solo albums.

LPTactics(CY Records CY 733.616)1984
LPRailroad(Cryonic MAD 3021)1985


This album is divided into four parts; each is devoted to a different musician: Pierre DEMOURON (ex PATAPHONIE) opens the album with a musical suite for four double basses and explores a suggestive and impressionistic neo-classical music, evoking BARTOK or SATIE. Luc MARIANNI then offers an original, fascinating and baroque music, with amazing vocals. Zex PITRON and his exuberant music, reminiscent of GONG, opens side B which ends with André VIAUD and his modern music which frequents unexplored areas between today's electronic music and music from the beginning of the century (DEBUSSY, SATIE).

LPFour French Forms(Delphes Records DR 185)1985


This multi-instrumentalist drummer, along with many guests including Claude BARTHELEMY who is always so forceful during his interventions, celebrates an inventive, varied, powerful jazz rock and alternates energetic, violent themes, full of devastating electric ardour and fever with more calm but always exquisite and contrasted passages with a strong latin flavour.

LPLe réveil du Créole(52eme Rue Est VS 101)1985


Drummer Claude DELCLOO's group recorded one unique album on which it presents a music turned towards an electric free-jazz and including a sung side and a purely instrumental side.

LPCrowded with Loneliness(CBS AKT S-64267)1971

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