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These five musicians, helped by several famous guests, offer an elaborate, well finished and very technical jazz rock. It's built on a great virtuosity and a remarkably fine interpretation. NADAVATI creates compositions with exquisite developments and polished arrangements. This album is in the same vein as RTF, MAHAVISHNU and CHUTE LIBRE and includes pleasant musical passages on which Mico NISSIM on the piano and Patrice FREQUENTIN on the flute are particularly excellent.

LPLe Vent de l'esprit souffle où il veut(IPG 270.002)1978


A group which is part of the trend in new French rock inspired at one and the same time by the "old" school of French rock (ANGE, ATOLL, etc..) and the "new" French songs. It offers a direct, solid, accessible music based on carefully executed vocals, an effective instrumentation and immediate and pleasant melodies.

SPL'lndien/CEtait écrit(RTGB 003)1984


The first group to re-establish the most typical and traditional instrument in French popular music: the accordeon. In an approach identical to that of the Swedish group SAMLA, NEF combines modern instruments (electric guitars, synthesizers) with this popular instrument at long last relieved of its classical usage and offers an original, lively, gay and very melodious music.

LPMais alors, c'est à l'envers(340 MS + 1)1983


A subtle and intelligent mixture of rock, funk, soul and jazz with swinging and original compositions and superb music with well finished arrangements have all contributed to make NEMO one of the best French groups in the first half of the seventies. In the manner of Albert MARCOEUR (who guests by the way on the second album) they have a fondness for elaborate, polished melodies and like MARCOEUR they were successful in creating a profoundly original immediately recognisable style and sound.

LPNemo(Agave AG 35.702)1973
LPDoin' Nuthin'(Agave AG 35.703)1974
SPKick a Tin can/Attilah(Agave AG 45.766)1973


A group whose solely instrumental music was evocative of that played by CARPE DIEM with the same creative research concerning the melodies and instruments, the same care given to the elaboration and construction of the themes. In certain passages the influences of Bo HANSSON or CAMEL can also be felt. Note the presence of a fabulous, very inventive and inspired guitarist.

LPNéo(PS 380 110)1980


Straightforward, well played rock. Two solid compositions with intelligent lyrics.

SPTout seul tous les deux/Le noir(AL 0010983)1983


A jazz pianist whose inspiration goes beyond the bounds of jazz to meet up with his African origins especially on his last album, on which accompanied by the Toure KUNDA brothers, he offers a warm, lively music influenced by Africa and incorporating the electric rhythms of jazz and rock.

LPGlucose confectionnerie(Futura Records GER 028)1971
LPDarlinghetta(Cobalt CBL 003)1979
LPDunya(Celluloïd CEL 6617)1983


A music which follows in the footsteps of Jacques THOLLOT in the intermediate areas between jazz, rock and improvised music. The same liking for a strange atmosphere, obsessional rhythms and refined sounds.

LPNoa(Noa 1)1981


NOCO MUSIC is a group comprising the saxophonist Philippe GEISS and the vibraphonist/percussionist Emmanuel SÉJOURNÉ. Their music retraces their musical career and combines the influences of classical music, jazz and rock with the contribution of musics from outside Europe to offer a rich, subtle sound similar to that of OREGON or DO'A with more warmth.

LPEvasion(NC 35001)1982
LPSaxophones et percussions(Auvidis AV 4723)1983


This group from Toulouse only recorded one self-produced single distributed locally. The drummer Roger LAHANA later founded the group EVOHÉ which unfortunately left no trace of its music on record.

SPJoseph le borgne1973


The origins of this group are entirely separate from those of its homonym despite the fact that this formation is also from the area around Toulouse. NUANCE's music is part of the sophisticated progressive rock trend and is occasionally evocative of the music played by groups belonging to this trend (CAMEL, CARAVAN, FRUUP, even CARPE DIEM). NUANCE, like these groups, offers a very elaborate carefully constructed music with long, complex, polished instrumental developments with refined and original arrangements. This group develops a music full of charm and finesse which is very melodious and beautiful with an asserted elegance.

LPIl est une légende(FLVM 3048)1983


They explore the different paths of contemporary music with self-made instruments. A lot of charm.

LPNu Jungle Dances(Davantage DAV 002)1977
LPNu Creative Methods(Davantage DAV 005)1981


Founded by two former members of the underground group CHEVAL FOU, NYL offered a very varied music bursting with energy and drifting from rock songs ressembling the sixties pop songs, through tracks evocative of GONG or Christian BOULE's space rock, to jazz-rock tinged with a MAGMA-style violence. Note the presence of several renowned guests (J.TOP, A.KALMA etc.).

LPNyl(Urus Records 000.013)1976

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