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This group of four musicians including an excellent female singer with a powerful, clear voice created a show based on Ulysse's Odyssey. They recorded two titles from the show's repertoire which can be classed within the trend in French rock represented by ANGE, ATOLL and MONA LISA. Their music was based on the following: an energetic and extremely effective rhythmic section, the singer's very beautiful voice and the furious interventions of an inspired guitarist with an incisive style.

SPEpilogue/Maléfices(Galère GAL 08)1981


A quartet with classical instrumentation: guitar, keyboards, bass and drums creating a plain modern jazz, delicate and powerful, without any displays of virtuosity. Excellent musicians working together for a music produced by the group as a whole.

LPGaligai(Open Jazzibao JZ 04)1983


After having wandered with his accordion from jazz record to jazz record thus giving it back its reputation as a jazz instrument, Richard GALLIANO recorded his own album with some other musicians. It's mainly dominated by his acoustic accordion or synthesizer-accordion which sometimes sounds like a single accordion, but also like a harmonica, or a melodica or which develops ZAWINUL-style sounds. Some beautiful, swinging, lilting themes with a slight latin flavour.

LPSpleen(CY Records 733.619)1985


HELDON and WEIDORJE's former keyboardist, accompanied by a pleiad of "stars" (former members of WEIDORJE, David ROSE, Richard PINHAS, christian VANDER, Benoît WIDEMANN etc) recorded his debut solo album on which he follows in WEIDORJE's footsteps by creating a music which combines the experiences of HELDON and MAGMA and captures their folly and violence. This album features some magnificent compositions, superbly shown off by gifted musicians, Patrick GAUTHIER himself displays the range of his talent as a keyboardist by varying his style and the sounds of his keyboards to develop a beautiful and hypnotic music, full of energy and strength.

LPBébé Godzilla(CY Records CY 733.612)1982


This South-American sounding military name conceals a group from Montpellier which borrows not only the pseudo identity of one of its generals from South-America but also its rhythms and colours with which, it combines musical sources like jazz, funk, calypso, soul jazz to produce a hybrid music both warm and swinging, over which rises the self-confident and "soul" voice of the singer and the saxophone's clear riffs.

Maxi SPAnita/Tough Girl/Back to your Heart(XIS XS 2001)1983


A flexible line-up (from two to five members) with an occasional existence, and a very specific sound. Its music is improvised on stage, using pre-recorded tapes, but on the record, it's always written, evoking sometimes The RESIDENTS, MARCOEUR or ETRON FOU.

EPGermain Hubert Ales(AAA S 01)1982


Synthesizers and rhythms boxes create an oppressing music. From this music emerge the Anne GILLIS's strange voice whose words can be really touching for the listener.

LPLxgrin(Cri Records CR1 2)1984
LPAha(DMA2 1)1984

Richard GILLY

Through his compositions tinged with melancholy and tenderness, Richard GILLY shows the depth and richness of his sensitivity. In the same vein as ILOUS, he offers a very delicate, nice, elegant music with fine and intimist inspiration which evokes the tormented, refined, fragile landscapes from his original, sensitive poetical world.

LPRichard GILLY(Maxi 311)1971
LPLes froides saisons(Flamophone )1975
LPRichard GILLY(Flamophone 783 601)1977
SPJe ne suis pas un grand fermier/Une nuit passée au Nord de San Francisco(Maxi 17586)1971
SPMa fille/Il pleut dimanche(Maxi 17598 L)1972
SPMiss Bakélite(Flamophone )1977


Guitarist Raphael GIMENEZ plays an energetic and powerful jazz-rock crossed with progressive rock in the same vein as ABUS DANGEREUX, sharing with this group the same fondness for polished and percussive themes and exquisite melodies. He offers a melodious jazz-rock whose compositions are built around the responses between the guitar and sax and slightly punctuated by the vibraphone's clear like notes. He also likes to impart violent and frantic accelerations to his themes by his cutting guitar style or by interventions by the sax. An excellent, original and incisive jazz-rock.

LPRaphaël GIMENEZ(Aroc 50001)1984


Experimental, unclassifiable music created by unusual instruments which are rarely used. On the fringe of contemporary music, this new and original sound is produced by two former members of HORDE CATALYTIQUE POUR LA FIN.

LPHorizon(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74561)1975

Maxime GOËTZ

Former CATHARSIS guitarist just before its breaking up and accompanist of Roland BOCQUET on "Paradia", Maxime GOËTZ, on his first solo album, proposes an excellent, powerful, inventive jazz rock which is brilliantly interpreted, constructed and arranged, with remarkable instrumental performances. His music evokes that of ABUS DANGEREUX (at the time of "Bis") or that of FOEHN or especially that of ZAO at the time of its first album, particularly when the ex-vocalist of this group, Mauricia PLATON, sings. Percussive, pleasant themes and a lot of feeling and intelligence.

LPTransit(Cerise JJG 004)1985


One of the most well-known and appreciated "French" groups at international level. Founded by Daevid ALLEN, a former member of SOFT MACHINE, GONG, right from its first album, offered an exuberant, jerky, bizarre music incorporating rock sounds into a surrealistic delirium. GONG, like MAGMA, created its own musical, cultural and geographical universe (the planet GONG) and suffered endless changes in its line-up since numerous French and foreign musicians played a part in the destiny of this crazy planet called GONG. Thus, Christian TRITSCH, Steve HILLAGE and Tim BLAKE came to stay on this hospitable planet whose only permanent residents were Daevid ALLEN, Gilly SMITH and Didier MALHERBE. However, Daevid ALLEN and Gilly SMITH also left the group which guided by Didier MALHERBE and Steve HILLAGE, turned towards an original, delirious and colourful jazz-rock. This new tendency did not outlast Didier MALHERBE's departure from the group and Pierre MOERLEN formed a new GONG with the aid and talent of distinguished musicians (Mike OLFIELD, Mick TAYLOR, Didier LOCKWOOD, Darryl WAY), whose music was based on the sounds and tones of the vibraphone and marimbas. However, this music was far removed from the spirit which had animated and guided the original GONG, now a mythical group. MOTHER GONG represents Gilly SMITH'S musical experiences.

LPMagick Brother(BYG 529 305)1970
LPBananamoon(BYG 529.345)1971
LPCamembert électrique(BYG 529.353)1972
LPContinental Circus(Philips 6332 033)1972
LPFlying Teapot(BYG 529.027)1973
LPAngel's Eggs(Virgin V 2007)1973
LPYou(Virgin V 2019)1974
LPShamal(Virgin V 2046)1976
LPGazeuse(Virgin V 2074)1977
LPGong est mort(Tapioca 10002/3)1977
LPGong Live(Virgin V 3501)1977
LPFloating Anarchy(LTM 1002)1977


LPExpresso 2(Virgin V 2099)1978
LPDownwind(Arista SPART 1080)1979
LPTime is the Key(Arista SPART 1105)1979
LPLive(Arista SPART 1130)1979
LPLeave it open(Arista SPART 202 955)1981


LPGilly SMITH MOTHER(Charly CRL 5007)1978
LPFairy Tales(Charly CRL 5018)1979
LPRobot Woman(Butt 003)1981
LPRobot Woman 2(Butt HAI 100)1982


SPEst-ce que je suis/Hip Hypnotise you(BYG 129 021)1970
SPOpium pour le peuple(Tapioca 4002)1978
SPOpium for the People(Tapioca 4003)1978


LPGlastonbury Fayre(Revelation Enterprise REV 1/3)1971
LPLive at Dingwall's Dance Hall(GT 4997)1975


Alain GORAGUER's music is a musical illustration of the cartoon picture "La planète sauvage".

LPLa planète sauvage(Pathé-Marconi 2C 066-12.698)1973


One of the pioneers of French rock. In 1969, this trio recorded two singles on which it offers a bluesy sometimes violent rock and it recorded one superb piece ("Turn over") whose folly approaches that developed by BLUE CHEER on its album "Vincebus Eruptum".

SPLe jour était gris/out of the Sun(Odéon FO 144)1969
SPI remember/Turn over(Odéon 2C.006-10.266 M)1969

Jean-Philippe GOUDE

WEIDORJE's former keyboardist has recorded two albums under his own name. The first one is a duet with the percussionist Olivier COLLE and is an interesting album but with rather weak compositions. The second one is a result of his experiences with WEIDORJE and on which accompanied by talented musicians (the former members of WEIDORJE, David ROSE, Klaus BLASQUIZ, François OVIDE, Patrick TILLMAN, etc), he creates a sumptuous, rich and elaborate music, similar to WEIDORJE's with obsessional excessiveness and an even more pronounced madness. A captivating, original album with a changeable atmosphere bursting with strange, agressive and dreamy sounds. An absolutely essential album.

LPJeunes années(Saravah SH 10.064)1976
LPDrones(Polydor 2473 108)1980
LPViens chez moi, j'habite chez une copine

LPCirculez, y'a rien à voir

SPElle voit des nains partout !(AZ 1887)1982(B.O.F/Soundtrack)
SPRock and Torah(RCA PB 61175)1983(B.O.F/Soundtrack)


ORIENTAL WIND's former saxophonist has begun a solo career tending towards the expression of a warm and lively jazz. A music similar to Don CHERRY's, appealing more to the heart than the head. It is lyrical and dense, catalysing jazz's energy and sensibility with the emotional contribution of Oriental and African folk music.

LPIslands(JAM 0681/DG 016)1981
LPMouvements naturels(JAM 0482/DG 028)1982
LPChanting and dancing(JAM 1311)1985


A renowned jazz rock keyboardist, Daniel GOYONE decided to produce his own solo album featuring intimist and lyrical tracks and colourful pieces constructed on Afro-Cuban rhythms.

LPDaniel GOYONE(Cream 044)1983


Philippe GRANCHER offers a music built around a succession of floating sounds on the keyboards with acoustic piano passages. He presents a floating, lyrical and delicate music which evokes CLEARLIGHT's first album. Some nice acoustic piano parts and some beautiful themes.

LP3000 Miles away(Pôle 0014)1977


Renowned for its burlesque and delirious performances, LE GRAND MAGIC CIRCUS has recorded two albums on which the atmosphere from its stage shows is reconstituted with its characteristic folly and medley of caustic humour, weird sketches, distortion and pastiche of different kinds of entertainment such as the theatre, opera and story telling, all of which are enhanced by instrumental passages interpreted by the GRAND MAGIC CIRCUS brass band or chorus or by songs with extremely sarcastic lyrics.

LPLes derniers jours de solitude de Robinson CRUSOE(Sonopresse CNT 69.563)1973
LPLe Grand méchant cochon et les trois gentils petits loups(Saravah 10 050)1974
SPGoodbye Mr Freud/j'aime le champagne(Ades 11.009)1974


A record in the same musical vein as MAHJUN, ETRON FOU and MARCOEUR. A satirical rock occasionally tinged with jazz with a beautiful WYATT-style ballad. Very good sax and flute solos.

LPLes pirates du cortex(Hocco Mitu 01H)1979


This group offered a music in the same vein as ANGE, MONA LISA, ATOLL, based on the singer's vocal presence and theatrical pomposity and on melodies built around the chords of the organ, saxophone or flute in a musical tradition very close to ANGE. Unfortunately, their only record is spoiled by a lack of technical means and by a poor recording.

LPGrime(D 5679)1979


A recording which features several groups of different tendencies during their stage appearance at the temple of rock "Le Golf-Drouot", rock verging on hard rock for TAC POUM SYSTEME, commercial rock for MOONLIGHTS and progressive rock for PULSAR (their first recording), ABSINTHE and ABRACADABRA. Two promising groups, one amateur, ABSINTHE (Philippe CAUVIN will later emerge from this group) and one professional super group-style (because of its line-up of experienced musicians: Jean FALLISSARD, Jean-Pierre AUFREDO, Sylvain DUPLANT from ALICE, Richard AUBERT from (COMINTERN, Fraçis LOCKWOOD etc), ABRACADABRA who attract attention on this live recording by the originality of their compositions. ANGE is also on this record with an energetic version of "Le vieux de la montagne".

LPGroovy Pop Session(Philips 6332 044)1972


Another keyboardist, formerly of HELDON, (and accompanied by this group's musicians including a greatly inspired Richard PINHAS) who offers an electronic, spatial rock similar to HELDON's but less violent. The LP includes some beautiful cosmic tracks evoking dreams and interstellar travel.

LPK-Priss(Polydor 2473 911)1980

Philippe GUERRE

Philippe GUERRE's music fits into the category of neo floating rock evolving between the synthetic horizons explored and exploited by VANGELIS, Jean-Michel JARRE and Richard VIMAL.

LPCristal(NP 5255)1979
LPConcerto pour la mort d'un clown(PG 8111)1982


Jean-Claude POGNANT, Crypto's producer, took part in this trio which made only one single on which their rather conventional rock is redeemed by a certain humour.

SPUn sacré jobard/Du côté de chez azertyuiop(Arcane 911 010)1975


ASSEMBLÉE's founder and guitarist recorded this SP under his own name. A rather dull and disappointing record.

SPAnita/Je me fais tout petit(Odéon HEO 174)1969


This group proposes a violent, wild free-rock which is based on syncopated, obsessional rhythms compelled by metronomic and percussive drums. Sylvie ZO STRINATI's singing soars above these rhythms evoking Pascale SON from COS, by the use of onomatopoeias, eructations and plaintive screams. Both guitarists play long, furious and fiery interventions in the same vein as PINHAS on those arid rhythms, punctuated by the female singer's vocal frenzy and screams. This is an excellent album which combines the influences of HELDON, the first COS's album and MAGMA with an original and personal inspiration.

LPDes Etres au cerveau apparent(Sterne STE 26510)1980


One of the best current French rock groups at the crossroads of all kinds of music -folk music, rock, jazz, classical music- which it has managed to combine into a synthesis of passionate, warm, strong music. Drawing its inspiration originally from Celtic folk music, it begins to drift away from this influence on its third album and creates its own original, spontaneous, lively, beautiful music. Like GENTLE GIANT or MANEIGE but more strongly influenced by folk music, GWENDAL has produced a superb synthesis of trends in traditional and modern music. Listen to "En concert" and "Locomo" first.

LPGwendal(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 064-12.725)1974
LPGwendal(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 064-13.075)1975
LPGwendal(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 066-14.403)1977
LP4(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 068-14.841)1979
LPEn Concert(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 068-72.379)1981
LPLocomo(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 068-72.707)1983
LPDanse la Musique(Pathé Marconi EMI 1729181)1985

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