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After INTROVERSION broke up in 1975 and before he joined ANGE, Claude DEMET recorded a single with VALERIANA. On this record, he only plays the piano and sings the vocal parts with guitarist Robert BERTELLA. On this single, the group presents a rudimentary and less exquisite version of French progressive rock played by ANGE or ATOLL.

SPSans fin/Douce mort(SAB SV 760 715)1976

Christian VANDER

Christian VANDER made several records under his own name, or has contributed to other records before founding the legendary MAGMA. He also realized the soundtrack of the film "Tristan et Yseult" and together with D.LOCKWOOD, J.TOP and B.WIDEMANN, he produced a "fusion" album.

LPGilles ELBAZ(Alvares BAM C456)1971
(+ Francis MOZE, Teddy LASRY)
LPFiesta in Drums(Palm 003)1973
LPVander et les trois Jeff(Palm 006)1973
LPKhan Jamal "Give the Vibes some"(Palm 010)1974
LPTristan & Iseult(Barclay 80528)1974
LPLockwood/Top/Vander/Widemann "Fusion"(JMS 015)1981


Melodic rock with a touch of progressive rock and an inspiration coming from the Anglo-Saxon school (B.J.H, CAMEL). A traditional formation - guitar/keyboards/bass/drums/vocals - which made this unique album featuring elaborate themes, perfect instrumental pieces, carefully worked-out and polished sung tracks and pleasant melodies.

LPVent d'Est(OM 67017)1980


After having started his career by proclaiming and assuming his identity and origins from the "Langue d'Oc" area, Joan-Pau VERDIER, after several albums on which the culture and language "d'Oc" made up the essential part of his inspiration and its expression, turned towards more personal, more intimist themes composing some very beautiful songs full of sensibility and poetry. Joan-Pau VERDIER was successful in finding excellent musicians to accompany him (Pierre FANEN, Alain MARKUSFELD, Dominique BERTRAM) who managed to set off his songs and his warm, powerful voice.

LPOccitania Sempre(Philips 6325 033)1973
LPFaits divers(Philips)1975
LPVivre(Philips 9101.058)1976
LPTabou le chat(Philips 9101.129)1977
LPLe nuage dans la tête(Philips 9101.173)1978
LPLe chantepleure(Philips 9101.252)1980

Marie-Blanche VERGNE

A single by a female singer backed by RED NOISE.

SPLa veuve du hibou(Pathé Marconi 2C 006-10.727)1970


The guitarist Jean-Pierre GRASSET's electro-acoustic experimentations. A music of electric manipulations evocative at times of HELDON with this fondness for a disturbing, anguished, agressive sound.

LPKrig/Volubilis(Tartempion-Pôle 0009)1976
LPRéel 19.36(Fléau 7004)1978

Patrick VIAN

A survivor from RED NOISE who re-surfaced for a solitary experiment directed towards the world of synthesizers and other electronic sounds. This album featuring fifteen pieces is a combination of collages, excerpts from other kinds of music and the use of sounds and natural noises added to P.VTAN's own musical ideas. A dense, rich, varied album with a continuously changing atmosphere.

LPBruits et temps analogues(Egg 900.541)1978


The grouping of musicians from "a certain kind of French rock" (Gilbert ARTMAN, Cyril LEFEBVRE etc) around Dominique GRIMAUD (ex CAMIZOLE) who play a music full of allusions to SATIE, CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, ZNR and the RESIDENTS. Two records with a strange atmosphere which changes with every track going from gags ("Telstar") to parody and a music drifting towards anguish.

25 cmMusique pour les garçons et les filles(Recommended Records )1982
LPCaméra "in focus"/Camera "Al riparo"(Tago Mago TM 331)1984


VIDEO LISZT presents a very rhythmic, melodious, pleasant electronic music solely based on the rhythmical structures, the sounds and the developments created by the synthesizers, sequencers, moogs and other exclusively electronic devices. The vocals are only voice experiments, transformed and mutated by the use of a vocoder. This makes the music produced by Richard PINHAS more electronic and dehumanized.

LPEktakröm Killer(Epic EPC 84773)1981

Frédéric VIGER

This musician proposes a varied music full of imagery and contrasts, intended for sound illustration. It's built mainly on the melodies and colours developed by the synthesizers. The guitar, bass and drums combine their sounds with those of Frédéric VIGER's numerous keyboards, adding more richness and instrumental variety to his music.

LPMarathon Life1982


This short-lived group was composed of ex-SPHEROE, MAIMONE, GAREL and MANOUKIAN, ex-MAGMA, Jean DE ANTONI and Olivier ANGELE and played a very rock-based music, with lots of rich and precious sounds. When the group breaks up, ANGEL MAIMONE ENTREPRISE and HORN STUFF are formed.

SPGate 46/La vie est simple et gaie(RCA PB 8575)1980

Richard VIMAL

This keyboardist and singer produces a neo-floating synthetic rock and offers a music which is based essentially on the beauty and richness in melodies and on the attractiveness of the tones and colours created by the keyboards. Richard VIMAL pays great attention to the construction and development of melodies as well as to the elaboration of a calm and serene atmosphere which is an invitation to dream.

LPTransparences(Polydor 2473 059)1977
LPMigrations(Polydor 2393 209)1978
LPAquarythmies(Polydor 2417 345)1979

Jean-Claude VINCENT

Jean-Claude VINCENT, alias Jean-Claude POGNANT, creator of Crypto, gave in to the temptation of recording an album accompanied by the best musicians of his label. He signed the lyrics but the music and arrangements are the work of Christian DECAMPS which explains why a certain ANGE influence emanates from this album.

LPLettre au Passé(Crypto ZAL 6412)1977


This female quartet, including the bassist Christiane COHADE who plays also with the I, Ferdinand RICHARD and Guigou CHENEVIER, produces an audacious chamber rock which can be compared with that of Lindsay COOPER.

LPDes accords, d'accord !(AYAA DT 0386)1986


A group in the same vein as ANGE or ATOLL (at its beginning) and which only recorded one single with two interesting tracks.

SPLe temps de vivre/Mary Jane(Eurodisc 12801)1973


This album, produced by an old hand from the French rock scene, Jean-Pierre MASSIERA, offers a medley of jazz-rock, progressive rock and space rock with vocals in French and a certain VANILLA FUDGE influence concerning the vocal harmonies and the developments of a certain atmosphere. Two distinguished musicians guest on the album: Francis and Didier LOCKWOOD. It was the latter's first recording and his interventions on the violin contribute to the success of this album.

LPVisitors(Decca 278 0A9)1974


Like TERPANDRE the group comes from Lyon and has produced two original, superbly worked-out and constructed progressive rock albums. Their second album is evocative of ART ZOYD 3, WEIDORJE and certain modern composers (STRAVINSKY, BARTOK) and can be classed in that category of totally original current rock represented by groups such as UNIVERS ZERO and ART ZOYD 3. VORTEX has an undeniable character and a unique sense of theme construction and development. These qualities make "Les cycles" an indispensable album.

LPVortex(JBP 463)1975
LPLes cycles de Thanatos(FLVM 3008)1979


This group proposes a music halfway between the RESIDENTS and Brian ENO. Cold and repetitive sounds, ethereal voices and strange, often calm and penetrating climates.

LPMyscitismes(Vox Man Records 2)1985

Plusieurs titres sur la compilation "Ritual dos Sadicos"(Production VP 23 i)1985


A quintet comprising two guitarists and one flutist-saxophonist-singer which offered a slightly progressive rock inspired by JETHRO TULL, FOCUS and other progressive Anglo-Saxon groups from the early 70's. Jacques PFEFFER proves to be a pleasant singer whose voice is evocative of Ian ANDERSON or Pete BROWN. He is also capable of being a good flutist.

SPBig Whale/Outre tombe(Opaline Records 45-1101)1970
SPSlicker/live your Life again(Opaline Records 45-1104)1971
SPLe Roy/Nangadef(Decca 84046)1972
SPVisage d'ange/La fille du chef de gare(Decca 84.106)1973
SPTout jouer/Sunshine(Pathé-Marconi 2C.008-12.909)1974

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