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Like KOMINTERN they represented the politically committed trend in French rock; their virulent, caustic rock was based on sung or recited lyrics, criticizing society, the political and economical powers, which were set to a deliberately provocative music alternating free passages with rock and re-workings of traditional songs. Later they changed one letter in their name and turned to a more satirical than insurgent rock.

LPVivre la mort du vieux monde(Vogue SLVX.545)1971


M.B.F drew its inspiration from three sources: from M.G.P with its changing rhythms, pronounced liking for themes ruptures and a certain melodic and instrumental research; from GONG with its folly in terms of music and lyrics; from ZAPPA with its sense of pastiche and caricature. These different influences combined to produce a lively, rich and captivating music full of allusions to MAGMA, ZAPPA and GONG.

LPMa Banlieue Flasque(Celluloïd LTM 1.021)1979


Symphonic rock. A neat, carefully worked-out sound with elaborate arrangements, well-placed harmonies and beautiful melodies. Music'in the same vein as TAÏ PHONG, the MOODY BLUES or TEN C.C.

LPSchool of Time(Corelia MAD 001)1978


It's surely one of the best French progressive rock groups, totally unknown to the public because of a total lack of promotion. Their album reveals an original, very inventive, hyper-elaborate and sophisticated progressive music. It's subtly performed by brilliant musicians (F. GESROS on guitar is as imaginative and inspired as FRIPP or MANZANERA with HACKETT's lyricism, J.C GREANJON is also an excellent guitarist, B. REIFFEUG is a keyboards genius, P. DUANER on drums has a VANDER-like beat and A. CAILLUJ reveals himself as an exceptional bassist and a fantastic singer). This group who has invented its own progressive rock is worthy of appearing amongst the greatest representatives of mondial progressive rock (YES, KING CRIMSON, GENESIS, MARILLION...). Their unique album is a real masterpiece, indispensable for any progressive rock fans.

LPIn searching of Mister Money(F.R Disques 3001)1981


THE French group. Without a doubt the most original and innovative group on the French rock scene and the one which has put its stamp on music both in FRANCE and abroad and continues to do so; the only group to have constituted a world-wide sect of fanatics devoted to the cult of its music. Formed in 1970 by Christian VANDER, MAGMA has at one time and another included the most prestigious French rock musicians (BLASQUIZ, TOP, LOCKWOOD, PAGANOTTI etc). Despite these constant changes in its line up, the group has managed to maintain its style, energy and the faith it has in its music, building up with every record a unique, imposing and universal musical production.

LPUniveria Zekt(Philips 6395 001/002)1970
LP1001° Centigrades(Philips 6397 031)1971
or Magma 2 (Limited Press)
LPMekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh(Vertigo 6499 729)1973
LPKöhntarkösz(Vertigo AML S 68260)1974
LPLive(Utopia CYL2-1245)1975
LPUdü Wüdü(RCA Utopia FPL1 7332)1976
LPInédits(Tapioca TP 10 001)1977
LPAtthak(Eurodisc EUR 913 213)1978
LPRetrospective Vol.3(RCA PL 37481)1981
LPRetrospective Vol.1 & 2(RCA PL 37497)1981
LPMerci(Jaro EFA 08-4120)1984
LPMerci(Label du bon indépendant Pathé Marconi 2403371)1985
LPMythes et légendes Volume 1(Label du bon indépendant Pathé Marconi 2404411)1986
SPKobaïa/Müh(Philips 6009 59)1970
SPMekanïk Kommando/Klaus Kömbäläd(Philips 6009 185)1971
(non LP tracks)
SPHamtaak/Tendei Kobah(Philips 6009 145)1972
(non LP tracks)
SPMekanïk Machine/Köhntarkösz(Vertigo 6061 800)1974
(1 non LP track)
SPHhaï/Lïhns(Promo RCA Utopia 42538)1975
SPLast seven minutes/Spirituals(Promo WEA)1978
SPRetrovision/La Davoisin(RCA DB 8678)1981
SPOoh, ooh, Baby/Otis(Label du bon indépendant Pathé Marconi 2006697)1985
SPOoh, ooh, Baby/otis(Jaro 4195)1985

1 titre sur la compilation "Puissance 13 + 2"(Philips/Thélème 6641 037)1972


LPThe Unnamables(Thélème 6332 501)1972
(réédition Cryonic MAD 3017) 1986
SPAltcheringa/Undîa(Thélème )1972

Michel MAGNE

Michel MAGNE is a movie soundtrack composer who offers a suggestive and lyrical solely instrumental symphonic music in the same vein as some VANGELIS's works (la fête sauvage, l'apocalypse..) or some records of CLEARLIGHT or Mike OLFIELD on his concept albums dedicated to the Four Elements. He elaborates a sophisticated, inventive, original music sometimes evoking VANGELIS by the majestic and exquisite sonorities of the synthesizers, by a fondness for exotic musical colours an and by an original research into percussions. Michel MAGNE knows how to build and develop superb, ethereal, fragile, soft and refined melodies.

LPLa Terre(Egg 90 187)1978
LPL'Eau(Egg 91 039)1981
LPClassiques synthétiseurs(Scoop 1)1982
LPSAS à San Salvador(Barclay 200 437)1982
(B.O.F/Soundtrack) + D. ROSE, F. LOCKWOOD
LPSurprise Party(Flarenasch 723.658)1983
(B.O.F/Soundtrack) + D. ROSE, D. MALHERBE


Adepts in musical derision and satire, combining rock rhythms, fairground music and other popular ritornelles, they are also excellent composers capable of developing complex, elaborate melodies which enable them to display their gifts and talents as instrumentalists especially on violin and in the brass section.

LPMahjun(Saravah SH 10 040)1973
LPFils à Colin-Maillard(Saravah SH 10.047)1974
LPHappy French Band(Gratte Ciel 2005)1977


A group formed by the Parisian underground poet Michel BULTEAU who develops his poetical fantasies on a free-rock style music which is deliberately unfinished and agressive.

LPWith/When(Futura GU RED 02)1971
LPSmooth Sick Lights(Pôle 0013)1977


If STIVELL established the coming of progressive folk music from Brittany, MALICORNE's influence was very important for the consecration of French progressive folk music. MALICORNE offered an elaborate electrified folk music, based on adaptations of traditional songs or tunes played with ancient instruments (spinet, vielle, recorder) or with timeless ones (like violin) and with electrified ones (bass, synthesizers). This music also depends on the lyrics, often sung as choruses, in a vocal tradition inherited from the past. Their music was not unattractive nor original. It was based on sophisticated and complicated vocal harmonies, on a remarkable instrumental perfection and diversity and on subtle and elegant arrangements. One of the best French folk music groups.

LPMalicorne(Hexagone 883 002)1974
LPMalicorne(Hexagone 883 004)1975
LPAlmanach(Hexagone 883 007)1976
LPMalicorne(Hexagone 883 015)1977
LPQuintessence(Hexagone 883 018)1978
LPL'extraordinaire tour de France...(Ballon Noir BAL 13006)1978
LPEn public à Montréal(Ballon Noir BAL 13010)1979
LPLe Bestiaire(Ballon Noir BAL 13012)1979
LPBalançoire en feu(Elektra 52280)1981
SPMarions les roses(Hexagone )1975
SPPauvre Martin(Hexagone )1975
SPLa fille au cresson(Hexagone )


LPPierre de Grenoble(Barclay 920.429)1973
LPPatrick Modiano/Hughes De Courson "Fonds de Tiroir 1967"(Ballon Noir 13011)1979


One of the best French "rock" female singers with Catherine RIBEIRO but with a deeply original inspiration and style, totally different of those of Catherine RIBEIRO. She sings with passion and strength intelligent texts, sometimes tinged with pessimism and disenchantment, about the 'human condition, the concessions imposed by the Society and about the difference between dreams and reality of life. Sometimes, her themes are more intimist and her profound sensibility and delicate tenderness express themselves through her compositions. As her subjects change, so does her voice in turn become fragile, imploring, tender, agressive, revolted and the music which accompany her texts is often percussive, suiting perfectly her singing and brings her "cry" to the fore.

LPJe cherche un pays(SFP 14004)1972
LPLa Folle(Isadora ISA 9010)1977
LPFaudrait rallumer la lumière dans ce foutu compartiment(RCA PL 37126)1977
LPPour un bébé robot(RCA PL 37203)1978
LPVisages(RCA PL 37269)1978
LPLe Chaos(RCA PL 37322)1979
LPParoles et Musiques N°5(RCA PL 37334)1979
LPPas peur de vous(RCA PL 37438)1980
LPAux alentours d'après minuit(RCA PL 37533)1981
LPOù vont les stars ?(RCA PL 37710)1982
LPEdith et Marcel(RCA PL 37761)1983
SPRésurrection(SFP 44009)1972


Singer, musician, gifted orchestrator, exceptional melodist, inspired creator and mythical character, Gérard MANSET has forged his own original and unique path through the musical world in France. By producing timeless masterpieces ("La mort d'Orion"), he proves that he is a real musical genius, capable of creating very complicated orchestral pieces or subtle and upsetting melodies with only a few piano notes. He has reached a kind of perfection in his way of expressing his musical and poetical world. At the same time he has asserted himself as the creator of a style, of an original and inimitable sound which establishes him as a living legend in French music, like Christian VANDER, Christian DECAMPS or Alan STIVELL.

LPManset(Pathé EMI C 062 11788)1968
LPLa mort d'Orion(Pathé EMI C 064 15268)1970
LPLong, long chemin(Pathé EMI C 062 12342)1972
LPY'a une route(Pathé EMI C 062 13038)1975
LPRien à raconter(Pathé EMI C 070 14721)1976
LP2870(Pathé EMI C 068 14482)1978
LPRoyaume de Siam(Pathé EMI C 068 14281)1979
LPL'Atelier du crabe(Pathé EMI C 070 72291)1981
LPLe train du soir(Pathé EMI C 070 72443)1981
LPComme un guerrier(Pathé EMI C 070 72556)1982
LPLumières(Pathé EMI 261 1729011)1984
LPPrisonnier de l'inutile(Pathé EMI 1729661)1985
SPAnimal on est mal

SPJe suis dieu


SPCaesar(Pathé EMI C 006 15633)1971
SPIl voyage en solitaire(Pathé EMI C 004 13088)1975
SPPas mal de journées sont passées(Pathé EMI 006 14432)1977

Sylvin MARC

SURYA's former bassist has produced a spicy and exotic cocktail of jazz, funk, jazz-rock, salsa and West Indian rhythms. A pleiad of guests concocted the musical zest which accompanies this tropical drink.

LPNite Life(Cream 033)1983


Considered to be the French equivalent to ZAPPA, Albert MARCOEUR does in fact ressemble him because he is very demanding as far as his music is concerned and because he pays close attention and great care to the production of his records and to the working-out of his lyrics and music (the lyrics and music are interdependant and complementary) in order to create a perfect reconstruction of his poetical, surrealistic universe. His lyrics are strange and delirious. His music is elaborate and sophisticated following unexpected paths and developing unexpected sounds. The resultant whole is captivating and profoundly original situating Albert MARCOEUR off the beaten tracks, outside the usual classifications of rock music.

LPAlbert Marcoeur(WEA 40 546)1974
LPAlbum à colorier(WEA 50 215)1976
LPArmes et cycles(Philips 9101 210)1979
LPCelui où y'a Joseph(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74796)1984
SPC'est raté, c'est raté(Promo WEA)1974
SPCelui où y'a Joseph(Promo Le Chant du Monde )1984
SPCompte rendu d'analyse: Sécurité.Confort/Contrôle.Vitesse.Puissance(Le chant du Monde 1267)1984


Formerly a journalist and member of the group ROCK CRITICS, Luc MARIANNI is now following a musical career under his own name, developing his own ideas and offering a vivid and colourful music full of contrasts and based around a combination and medley of sounds, noises and rhythms. Luc MARIANNI is fond of manupilating vocal arrangements, editing, creating and mixing unusual sound effects.

LPSouvenirs du futur(Upon Tyne UT 180)1980
LPD.G Portrait(Upon Tyne UT 182)1982
LPVoyage vers l'harmonie(Upon Tyne UT 183)1983
LPVideo screens Control(Delphes Records DR1-284)1985


A guitarist who has been working alone, indifferent to the changing rock trends since the early seventies. He creates his own music by giving new life to the sounds obtained from his guitar and composing an ethereal, fragile music. He is unclassifiable and can only be likened to other unclassifiables (Steve TIBBETTS, JADE WARRIOR).

LPLe Monde en étages(Barclay XBLY 920 179)1970
LPLe Son tombé du ciel(Barclay XBLY 920 327)1971
LPLe désert noir(Egg 900.528)1977
LPPlatock(Egg 900.556)1978
LPContemporus(Egg 900.581)1979
LPLive(Egg 200 146/147)1981
SPL'épave/La croix de Modez(Barclay 61.532)1972
SPLe requin central/Le glamour(Barclay 61.812)1973

1 titre sur la compilation "Puissance 13 + 2"(Philips/thélème 6641 037)1972


The first group to have dared to use and impose the French language in rock. A carefully prepared and finished music with complex arrangements and a certain sophistication, all of which likens them to TRAFFIC. Unfortunately after two good albums, MARTIN CIRCUS's music gave way to a commercial "mush".

LPEn direct du Rock'n'Roll Circus(Vogue SLVX.428)1969
LPActe II(Vogue SLVX 595)1971
SPTout tremblant de fièvre/Barbe Bleue(Vogue V.45-1645)1969
SPLe matin des magiciens/Moi, je lis les bandes dessinées(Vogue INT.80213)1969
SPDis-moi/Chanson pour un cadavre(Vogue V.45-1714)1970


This group from the South of France, with this typically French name, was in fact more influenced by the music from London than by their mediterranean origins.

LPSleep is a Luxury(Lice ST 21)1985
SPYour Passion(Turquoise D)1983


In the same vein as ALEPH or the MOODY BLUES. A sober, professional rock with a strong classical influence and nice vocal harmonies. Good classical rock but rather flat.

SPTears of Love/Oh Salomé(Context CTX 105)1971


Certain aspects of MEDIA'S music are evocative of certain developments in Jacques THOLLOT's music but MEDIA differs from THOLLOT by integrating the sounds and tones of current modern rock. The group's compositions are based on the female singer's sophisticated and grandiloquent voice and on precious, elaborate melodies.

LPRéalité(FLVM 3019)1981


The first French musician to produce a record classed as "underground". MELMOTH lets his delirious and surrealistic poetical imagination run free over a background music which combines the rhythms and sounds of jazz and pop music.

LPLa devanture des ivresses(Arion 30-T-079)1969


This group which has unjustly failed to achieve recognition offers a symphonic and melodic rock in the same vein as RENAISSANCE, PFM or GENESIS. Their music is centred on the voices of Diana CHASE (whose clear and crystal-like quality in tone is evocative of Sally OLFIELD's voice) and Patrick FREHNER (whose voice is similar to that of Bernado LANZETTI, singer with the group PFM) as well as on brilliant passages by Jean-Luc L'HERMITE with his sober and inspired guitar playing. MELODY offers magnificent, beautiful and elegant compositions, immediately attractive and ethereal "melodies" during which the voices of the two vocalists sing out in turn. Two very good albums with a special mention for "Yesterlife" which is superbly recorded and produced.

LPCome fly with me(Pôle 0011)1976
or (Tapioca TP 10013)
LPYesterlife(Vogue LDA.20278)1977


This group offers a sophisticated and elaborate music in the same vein as ATOLL with some reminiscences of KING CRIMSON and CAMEL. It also proposes polished, elegant compositions with complicated instrumental developments and percussive, energetic progressions. Their music is based on delicate, attractive melodies which include refined arrangements with some superb guitar parts. A very good group which made two interesting albums.

LPEt après(Eurodisc 913 084)1976
LPL'Ecume des jours(Philips 9101 265)1979
SPChloé et Colin/Vers une île(Promo Philips 6837 618)1979
SPSparadrap/Téléphone(Philips 6010 302)1981

Frédéric MERCIER

A musician, keyboardist and guitarist into the bargain, who offers a music which follows in the footsteps of VANGELIS, is accessible, very melodic and tinged with a hint of romanticism.

LPPacific(Carrère 67242)1978
LPMusic from France(Polydor 2393 228)1979


METABOLISME can not only be classed in the trend of a certain kind of French rock represented by groups such as ATOLL or MONA LISA but also in the English style of chamber rock music. Like the other groups playing this kind of music (CRESSIDA, CZAR, FRUUP), METABOLISME offers a delicate and sophisticated sound based on carefully worked-out, ethereal vocal harmonies, on the keyboards elegant chords and on the guitar or flute's sober flights.

LPTempus Fugit(Crypto ZAL 6413)1977

Patrice MEYER

A guitarist in the same vein as Alain ECKERT or Terje RYPDAL who displays his talent as a guitarist with a fine, swinging style. Some beautiful electric passages with a fondness for a strange atmosphere in the manner of Terje RYPDAL.

LPRacines croisées(OM 67041)1983

Jean-Christian MICHEL

Well known for his adaptations of classical and religious works for the clarinet, Jean-Christian MICHEL has however recorded two interesting albums on which he combines religious music, classical music, jazz and rock to produce an original, sophisticated, inventive sound. His music offers attractive, melodious themes, with complex arrangements which remind us of the developments of the long Pekka POHJOLA's suite on the album "B the Magpie".

LPJ.Q.M(Général Records-Carrère 67.091)1979
LPLumière(Général Records-Carrère 67.570)1980

Alain MION

Former member and keyboardist of CORTEX, Alain MION is pursueing the musical direction followed by this group by playing an entirely instrumental music mixing jazz, funk and rock. Through his compositions Alain MION offers a swinging, melodious music and at the same time displays the richness and finesse of his keyboards playing which justifies his reputation as "the Al JARREAU of the piano".

LPPheno Men(Carrère CA 681-66106)1984
SPPheno Men/T. Bones Square(Caravage 13276)1983


A music with a pronounced classical influence evocative of the MOODY BLUES or ALEPH and based on polished vocal harmonies, a certain instrumental sophistication and the great finesse of their interpretation.

SP0 my Mother/Anything at all(Riviera 121 309)1970
SPIt's a good Day/Sweet lovely Feeling(Riviera 121 351)1971
SPFligh high/Ramshackle Man(Riviera 121 438)1972


A group greatly influenced by ANGE and GENESIS initially but which managed to move gradually away from these models to create its own music based on a preponderance of the keyboards and vocals. MONA LISA offers a very elaborate and elegant progressive music constructed on the singer's vocal assurance, power and grandiloquence, on percussive, refined and finely arranged compositions, and on an instrumental and melodic finesse. A major French rock group.

LPL'Escapade(Arcane 87015)1974
LPGrimaces(Arcane 913050)1975
LPLe petit violon de Mr Grégoire(Crypto ZAC 6402)1977
LPAvant qu'il ne soit trop tard(Crypto ZAL 6440)1978
LPVers demain(Crypto ZAL 6483)1979
SPLa mauvaise réputation/Brune(Arcane 12843)1975
SPLe publiphobe/Solaris(Crypto ZAC 401)1977


This enigmatic "Monsieur" conceals the personality of Christian DECAMPS who has made one single under this assumed name.



Folk rock music from Brittany signed by Dan AR BRAS before he joined Alan STIVELL and began a solo career. Some reminders of C,S,N and Y and the BEATLES in this rather sober music.

LPStations(Thélème 6332 751)1973
SPThe Station/Gavotte(Thélème 6152 004)1972

2 titres sur la compilation "Puissance 13 + 2"(Philips/Thélème 6641 037)1972


Jean-François MORANGE's recitative and declamatory lyrics mix and merge perfectly with the acoustic and electric music played by André FERTIER and CLIVAGE whose elegant and picturesque music, sometimes close to CLIVAGE, sometimes more spatial, heavy with electric fever. This music amplifies and enhances Jean-François MORANGE's fantastic texts and their unusual atmosphere they suggest.

LPLove Spirale(Gratte Ciel 2008)1978


A forerunner of CHUTE LIBRE, MORAVAGINE can be classed in the same musical vein as that group, offering a sophisticated, powerful, slightly Latin jazz rock with attractive compositions built around energetic tempos developing into complex themes during which Denis BARBIER's flute, Pierre-Jean GIDON's sax, Olivier HUTMAN's keyboards rivalize in striking, impetuous and elegant instrumental parts. A real pleasure for experts and for lovers of forceful, original, dynamic and sophisticated jazz rock.

LPMoravagine(Promophone Prom 10)1976


A trio formed by Didier MALHERBE, superb on flute, which plays bluesy folk music. A rather limited inspiration but very fine interpretation.

LPSong under a tree(Barclay 920238)1970


MOSAIC is part of that avant garde progressive rock trend represented by groups such as HENRY COW, AREA or HATFIELD, with which it shares this taste for complex, polished, adventurous, agressive and delirious music. In the same vein as those groups, MOSAIC uses the same extremism, the same musical violence, the same vocal paroxysm, committing itself to refined musical developments which include some frantic and frenzied guitar parts.

LPUltimatum(Ekimoz 441.52.78)1978


This group composed of four "hired" musicians, including Ian JELFS, a future member of ALICE, produces a sophisticated music, tinged with jazz, in the same vein as Brian AUGER's OBLIVION EXPRESS and offers attractive vocal tracks, perfectly enhanced by a sober and efficient instrumentation and by refined arrangements. It also creates superb jazzy instrumental compositions during which the warm and sweet sound of the organ, very close to that of Eddy LOUISS, is especially effective.

LPMachine of the universal Space(Connection CNT 69.562)1972


Future ANGE guitarist, Michel MOULINIÉ produced a solo album in the same vein as Manuel GÖTCHING's Invention for electric guitar showing the same tendency for electronic research and guitar manipulations.

LPChrysalide(Crypto ZAL 6441)1978


This guitarist plays an elegant and sophisticated acoustic jazz-rock, offering attractive little acoustic melodies stylishly interpreted with finesse and delicate sensibility expressed through crystalline fingering and remarkable instrumental precision and perfection. A superb guitarist with a warm and sensitive touch worthy of a place amongst the best acoustic guitarists (TOWNER, CATHERINE...).

LP13th Avenue(Spalax 6841)1982


The former M.G.P bassist's comeback for an ephemeral continuation of this group. MOVING elaborates and develops superb instrumental passages during which Jean RUBERT, by his gay, twirling saxophone playing evokes Didier MALHERBE (who is one of the guests playing on this album), is particularly enhanced. MOVING displays the same melodic refinement as M.G.P and the same care taken over the arrangements but unfortunately the tracks with lyrics are less attractive and detract a little charm and a lot of strength from this otherwise interesting album.

LPMoving(Amo Records CA 641)1980


The legendary group from the early 70's. Influenced by SOFT MACHINE, ZAPPA and EAST OF EDEN, M.G.P nevertheless succeeded in creating a fine, progressive rock which developed very complex melodies with original and polished arrangements. It offered very elaborate themes full of breaks in rhythm and following surprising paths. M.G.P produced two superb albums which are indispensable collector's items for all progressive rock fans.

LPMoving Gelatine Plates(CBS S 64399)1971
LPThe World of genius Hans(CBS 64146)1972
SPCauchemar/Funny Doll(CBS 7752)1972

Francis MOZE

Former MAGMA bassist, Francis MOZE produced his first solo album on which he offers an ethereal, refined jazz rock in the same vein as Pat METHENY's fusion music. He illuminates this album's tracks by his very special bass style, following a musical direction full of finesse. It's based on a great instrumental cohesion, polished arrangements and a remarkable melodic perfection. It's an excellent fusion album.

LPNaissance(Harps Prod FM 1082)t985


This compilation on the Thélème label features some of the groups (MAGMA, UNIVERIA ZEKT, ERGO SUM) which helped to establish the legend around this label created by Laurent THIBAULT. This album features only 2 previously unpublished works (one by SOLITUDE and one by Larry MARTIN FACTORY).

LPMusic is my Honey(Thélème 6332 752)1973


This group of musicians from Bordeaux led by the saxophonist Jean-Paul NOGUES offers a warm, lively music divided between an inventive, refined, modern jazz and musical sequences close to free jazz on this "live" album. There are very good piano and saxophone pieces.

LPE.W.A(J.E.G 001)1980


Jean MUSY offers a solely instrumental, very melodic and attractive music. It's mostly built on the keyboards sounds, chords and images which he uses with great finesse. His arrangements mix and combine acoustic and electric instruments such as the flute, acoustic guitar or different electronic keyboards. His suggestive, impressionistic music, tinged with romanticism, can to be captivating and spellbinding.

LPFew and far between(Atlantic Records K 50081)1974
LPRendez-vous solitaire avec la musique(Riviera LM 91.031)1975

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