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This strip cartoon character's name conceals a group situated halfway between rock and modern French songs (Yves SIMON, THIEFAINE). A pleasant voice, enhanced by an efficient and sober musical accompaniment.

LPRackam le Rouge(R 8201)1982


A jazz-rock group which adds to this style the influence and culture of their Arabian origins to produce a rich, forceful, exotic music which enables Gérard PREVOST on bass and a very inspired guitarist, MAHAMAD, to show their talent.

LPRahmann(Polydor 2393 252)1980


Formed by Boris VIAN's son Patrick VIAN, RED NOISE assumed a politically committed, contestant, virulent rock which owed its provocative and agressive nature to ZAPPA's universe. This mythical record is very rare nowadays.

LPSarcelles-Lochères(Futura Records RED 01)1971


A keyboardist who offers an original sound using water as a musical partner.

LPImmersion Pacific Tubular Waves(INA 3D 833 12)
LPSonic Waters(Hat Art 2002)1984


TRIANGLE'S former guitarist is following an original solo career. He refuses to be classed in one definite category in order to give a better expression to his music which with every title drifts from the world of jazz rock to electrified ballads or more rock-like passages.

LPRenaud(Disjuncta 000003)1975
LPOut of Time(Disjuncta 000.010)1976
LPBack and in again(Carrere 67836)1979
SPOut of Time/Did you try(Urus 000103)1976


This excellent drummer has produced 3 albums till now. The first one consists in a drums exhibition which reveals his fabulous talents as a drummer; the second one, recorded with a flexible line up including keyboards, guitar, bass, sax and bugle, presents a vigorous and swinging jazzy music. Lastly, his third album allows us to discover the trio which he has formed with guitarist Jean-Luc CHEVALIER and bassist Marc ELIARD, both musicians from MAGMA, and with this trio, he offers a modern electric jazz, both energetic and aerial, very melodic and pleasant.

LPDélire et Utopie(Editions Pluriel Palma 103)1976
LPEx-Voto(Editions Pluriel PL 3317)1979
LPUn pied dans le vide(Editions Pluriel PL 3364)1985


This group from Alsace plays a progressive jazz-rock in the same vein as ABUS DANGEREUX. It builds up energetic and forceful melodies which are enlightened by the saxophonist's limpid and undulating style and the guitar-synthesizer player's inventive interventions. A dense, thrilling music, inflamed by the saxophone's warm and enveloping sound.

LPToutes directions(CA 94272)1985


A group from MAGMA's family. Founded by Francis MOZE, RHESUS 0 also included Richard RAUX ex-MAGMA, Bernard PAGANOTTI and Jean-Paul ASSELINE future members of MAGMA. RHESUS O's music was somewhat evocative of certain musical developments on MAGMA's first album with a fantastic rhythmic beat produced by the group's two bassists, Serge LENOIR and Francis MOZE who are both brilliant. Superb jazzy themes in the same vein as those composed by SOFT MACHINE on its third and fourth albums during which the two keyboardists and Alain HATOT on the saxophone play inspired passages. An excellent, original, forceful album.

LPRhésus O(Epic ART EPC S 64560)1971

Catherine RIBEIRO

The leading female singer of French "rock". With 2 Bis she made one of the first French progressive rock albums and, what is more, with French lyrics. With every production she developed her very original, forceful progressive rock during which her singing mingled with the strange, delirious sounds of Patrice MOULLET's guitar-lyre or with the obsessional rhythmic beat of the percuphone. Throughout their career Catherine RIBEIRO and ALPES have produced one of the best progressive sounds in France; a music which remains original, dominated by Catherine RIBEIRO's wild, revolted singing.

LPCatherine RIBEIRO + 2 Bis(Festival FLDX 487)1969
LPN° 2(Festival FLDX 531)1970
LPAme debout(Philips 6332 017)1972
LPPaix(Philips 6325 019)1973
LPLe rat débile et l'homme des champs(Philips 9101 003)1974
LP(Libertés ?)(Philips 9101 501)1975
LPLe Temps de l'autre(Philips 9101 155)1977
LPLe Blues de PIAF(Philips 9101 156)1977
LPJacqueries(Philips 9101 201)1978
LPPassions(Philips 9101 270)1979
LPLa déboussole(Philips 6313 096)1980
LPLa Solitude(Festival)1981
LPSoleil dans l'ombre(Philips 6313 354)1982
SPSoeur de race/voyage I(Festival SPX 79)1969
SPThème en bref/ Silen Voy Kathy(Festival SPX 128)1970
SPDernière sortie avant Roissy/le Bonheur tout de suite(Philips 6172 036)1977
SPLa ville à prendre/Aria populaire(Philips 6172 763)1978
SPAmour, petite flamme/dans le creux de ta nuit(Philips 6010 618)1982
SPJour de fête/carrefour de la solitude(Philips 814 262-7)1983

1 titre sur la compilation "Puissance 13 + 2"(Philips/Thélème 6641 037)1972

Bertrand RICHARD

A keyboardist who offers a standard, very professional jazz rock based on an impressive technique and played with finesse. Bertrand RICHARD's music lacks a little originality and character but with very good performances by the musicians. A music to be classed along with COREA, DUKE, SPYROGIRA and other followers of this musical style.

LPSongs for my Friends(Mad Cap JP 001)1982
LPAmandine léopard(Transat TRT 4001)1984

Ferdinand RICHARD

The solo productions of ETRON FOU's bassist follow the same musical course as this group.

LPEn forme(Celluloïd CEL 6577)1981
LPEn avant(Rec. Rec. 03)1984


On this concept-album, the group plays an original music which is divided between progressive rock and folk music in the same vein as GENTLE GIANT, GRYPHON or even MONA LISA. Beautiful, exquisite, polished melodies are built up on a certain instrumental sophistication and clear, well-played vocals.

LPLa vieille que l'on brûla(Ballon Noir BAL 13003)1977


A survivor from the first generation of French groups who came back into the limelight after ZOO broke up. Like Jean-Luc PONTY, for example, he began playing jazz-rock keeping clear of the stereotypes and demonstrative clichés inherent in this musical style in an attempt to produce a more lyrical, more personal music with less importance given to displays of gratuitous virtuosity.

LPEquinoxe(Atlantic 50 194)1975
LPContes musicaux(Atlantic 50 350)1977
(with André DEMAY)
LPVolupta(Spalax 86832)1982


Singer Patrick ROCHE, accompanied by CHRISTOPHE's musicians and MANSET's guitarist (David WOODSHILL) performs a music halfway between French songs of the time (CHRISTOPHE, RAPSAT, SHELLER) and more commercial rock, with a slight BEATLES influence.

LPLa valise de rêve(Pathé-Marconi 2C 064-12.932)1974


A group of former rock critics who got together and founded ROCK CRITICS who play a very original music combining the influences of groups such as FAUST, HELDON, TANGERINE DREAM, PINK FLOYD, amongst others, with their own musical ideas.

LPT.V Show(Upon Tyne 282)1980
LPPile ou face(Upon Tyne 780)1980


A virile rock which does not disdain dissonance in the manner of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART.

Mini LPRock Feller(AAA S02)1983


A keyboardist from POLE productions who has recorded 4 albums. The first one is inspired by HELDON's early synthetic experiences. The three later albums feature more floating themes and offer a more personal music with more atmosphere. His talent as pianist is more shown to advantage on the two last albums, more jazzy oriented.

LPImages(Pôle 0005)1975
LPEnergies douces(Muriel Roger 8206)1982
LPRythmigration(Muriel Roger 8306)1983
LPV.O(Alibi Productions 8410)1984


The grouping of some ex members of XALPH for a record of rock, rather average, however, some compositions are interesting with a musical influence of the Belgian group: Les tueurs de la lune de miel.

LPRoger La Honte(Ki Records RLH 1112)1983


Another survivor of the first epic period of French rock; he was TOTAL ISSUE'S drummer. Since this experience he has turned back to jazz producing varied albums mixing intimist jazz, jazz-rock and Mediterranean music.

LPDivieto Di Santificazione

LPIl Piacere(Owl Records 015)1979
LPNight Diary(Owl Records 018)1980
LPAlma Latina(Owl Records 031)1983

David ROSE

An American born violonist who emerged from TRANSIT EXPRESS and is now playing under his own name. His first albums bring his skill as a violonist to the fore. David ROSE draws beautiful, sensual sounds from his violin and offers a jazz-rock in turn impressionistic, lyrical and energetic if not violent. Since " Worlds Apart" the violin has become more discreet, the singing more intrusive and the music much more commercial.

LPDistance between Dreams(Gratte Ciel 2007)1977
LPWorlds Apart(Millennium Records XL 17749)1979
LPRadio Special(Millennium Records DJL1.3630)1979
LPThe Stripper(2353040)1980
LPBehind the Line(Millennium Records XL 17754)1980
LPBlue Rose(RCA PL 37737)1982
LPBlue Rose(Estate 38586)1983


A group with an original formation because it includes three vocalists and a traditional rhythmic section (guitar, bass, drums). Their music was greatly influenced by VANILLA FUDGE with the same fondness for ethereal, polished vocal harmonies, an evanescent atmosphere and brusque, violent rhythmic flowishes.

SPLe haut du pavé/Nevada(Polydor 66 664)1969
SPEros/Mme Wanda(CBS Gemini 4997)1970
SPFighting Cook(Butterfly BS 007)1971

Olivier ROY

Another keyboardist who works alone and offers an original electronic floating music which abandons the pitfalls and clichés inherent in this musical style by producing a beautiful, captivating music. Olivier ROY built up an attractive, beautiful, spellbinding music, based on a research into melodies and sounds which diffuses dreams and serenity and possesses the same suggestive power and inspired lyricism as VANGELIS. Olivier ROY reveals himself as an excellent composer and very gifted keyboardist with an original, creative inspiration. An excellent album.

LPPochette-surprise(FLVM 3007)1979

Jean-Philippe RYKIEL

A synthesizer player who performs eclectic compositions which explore the perfectionnist, synthetic disco world of Stevie WONDER up to the floating neo-germanic passages.

LPJean-Philippe RYKIEL(Musiza 201895)1983

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