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This name conceals Vangelis O' PAPATHANASSIOU who recorded this single which is musically a prefiguration of "666". ALPHA BETA records two very beautiful tracks here in the same vein as those Vangelis will later compose on his albums "Earth" or "Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit".

SPAstral Abuse/Who killed(BYG 129 032)1971


Dick ANNEGARN is a Dutch singer and composer. He gained recognition from French audiences because of the originality of his lyrics and his remarkable talent for playing with the meaning, images and sounds of words. His subtle lyrics, with a hint of fine humour and disenchanted tenderness, were sung by his deep, warm voice and enhanced by a clever orchestration which goes from a certain acoustic simplicity evoking his roots as a folk singer to an instrumental sophistication which Albert MARCOEUR sometimes favoured.

LPDick Annegarn(Polydor 2393 081)1973
LPDick Annegarn(Polydor 2401 128)1974
LPDick Annegarn(Polydor 2473 051)1975
LPAnticyclone(Polydor 2393 142)1977
LPLive(Polydor 2669 043)1978

SPOrpheline parisienne/Vas tant que tu peux(Polydor )


A Greek group who came to France in search of success and found it with a serie of records, each one more insipid than the last, in the hit parade before winding-up in a blaze of glory by recording a superb double concept album which brought the previously unknown talent of the author and composer Vangelis O' PAPATHANASSIOU to the fore. "666" remains a superb progressive album marked by the influences of Greek music and revealing the whole range of Vangelis's talent as a composer, songwriter, keyboardist and arranger.

LP666(Vertigo 6673 001)1972


Archibald LEGGET, who later played with Daevid ALLEN and in Gary WRIGHT's group, recorded a single along with some renowned musicians (C. TRITSCH, R. HOUARI from GONG, Mimi LORENZINI from TRIANGLE), on which he presents a bluesy rock in the same vein as SPOOKY TOOTH, with the same harsh, "black" voice as Mike HARRISON, SPOOKY TOOTH's singer.

SPShadow of our Love/passing thoughts(Saravah SH 40 020)1970


Another greek group which emigrated to France and produced a very good first progressive rock album obviously greatly influenced by the Canterbury school on certain tracks with this saturated organ sound dear to EGG or CARAVAN. Some beautiful themes plus this superb organ sound. The group's music subsequently gave way to variety.

LPAxis(Riviera XCED 421 088)1973


An English trio, later a quartet, which settled in France in the early 70's producing two progressive rock albums marked by the guitar playing and based on the creation of an anguished, tense, oppressive music with a Californian touch (JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, QUICKSILVER) in terms of the vocals and the agressive sounds drawn from the guitars. The second album developed this progressive rock with a heavy, disturbing atmosphere full of violent and snarling rhythmic accelerations.

LPLemmings(Philips 6325 024)1973
reissued by IRC (IRC 001) 1978
LPStalingrad(IRC 002)1978
EPA Thousand pages before/The slightest distance/Donna(Bonus EP IRC 000)1978
(given with the reissue)


GONG's former keyboardist has produced two albums under his own name on which he offers a music tending towards synthetic spatial rock with a pronounced cosmic flavour evocative at times of Steve HILLAGE in his early days.

LPCrystal Machine(Egg 900.545)1977
LPBlake's new Jerusalem(Egg 90.298)1978
SPGenerator Laserbeara/The Woodland Voice(Egg 62560)1978


This group was considered as the "Belgian ZAO". It produced an original progressive music which was mainly built up on Pascale SON's ethereal singing and sensual onomatopoeias and on the long and complicated developments of Daniel SCHELL's guitar. At the beginning of its career, COS was inspired by the innovative and exquisite European jazz rock trend represented by groups such as ZAO or BRAND X, as well as the Canterbury school (HATFIELD, HENRY COW). It then changed its musical direction with the album "Swiss Chalet" which was divided between reggae and Swiss baroque music. Finally, in "Pasiones" it turned towards a music with universal inspiration and expression mixing jazz, rock, funk, reggae and South American rhythms. Ilona CHALE, the new female singer, has a high-pitched, feline voice and sings in many different languages.

LPPostaeolian Train Robbery(Best Seller IBC 4C 054-97146)1975
LPViva Boma(Best Seller IBC 4B 062-23605)1978
LPBabel(Best Seller IBC 4B 058-23794)1979
LPPasiones(Lark ML 3539)1983
Mini LPHotel Atlantic(Geebeedee 60-1815)1984



LPEgmont and the FF Boom(Free Bird FLY 05)1979


On this album, Andy EMLER chooses the direction of binary electric jazz in the same vein as that played now by Miles DAVIS. It allows us to appreciate excellent soloists amongst which the magnificent trumpeter François CHASSAGNITE.

LPLightnin'(Philoé Music VK 1285)1985

Hector LEUCK

Hector LEUCK is a Belgian artist. With the help of CRISTA on vocals and Jac BERROCAL on trumpet, he made two cover versions of international hits "Lili Marleen" and "Plaisir d'Amour" with an aesthetic quality which uses derision and musical parody, alienation and subversion.

SPLili Traces/Plaisir loques(TAGO MAGO TM 452)1985


This group of Chilean refugees living in France offers an original progressive music based on the union of their South American culture and musical origins with the rhythms and sounds of rock. Their music also incorporates the legacy of classical music which colours their progressive rock with a hint of classical music. In addition to traditional melodies interpreted by instruments used in popular South American music, LOS JAIVAS develops a very carefully worked-out music, combining the electric instruments of rock (guitar, synthesizers) with popular South American acoustic instruments (flute, harp, percussion instruments etc). The result is very attractive and original. Their musical approach evokes that of the English group JADE WARRIOR but at the same time differs from it because of their musical attachment to South America rather than Asia. Full of force and character.

LPCancion Del Sur(Sonopresse 69 682)1978
LPLos Jaivas(Sonopresse 2S 068-82.273)1979
(First Issue: 1975 In Argentina)
LPAltur As De Machu


After a long career as a session musician, Larry MARTIN formed his own group and made several records, the most original and interesting of which is "Rock-in' on the Radio". This album features some magnificent compositions (Rockin' on the Radio, Deadly Edge, suburban rock) which are original and full of electric ardour with a desperate violence and exacerbated sensibility. L.M.F is fond of these compositions with wild melancholy, pent-up violence and a sombre, heavy atmosphere.

LPAfter School Rambler(Saravah SH 10.051)1973
LPRockin' on the Radio "Do not lean out of the Window"(Saravah SH 10.054)1975
LPEarly down Flyers and electric Kids(Isadora ISA 6404)1977
LPDaimler Benz(Free Bird FLY 09)1979
LPLaw and Order(Paris Album PLB 2 28507)1982
SPRockin' on the Radio/Richmond(Saravah SH 40 060)1975
SPInternational Star/Long beacked Woodcak(Saravah SH 40 066)1975
SPSweet Mama Fix(Isadora ISA 113)1977


An American group exiled in France playing an essentially acoustic folk music combined with other kinds of music (classical music, jazz) to produce a baro que progressive rock which is deeply original and rich. MORMOS offered some short, magnificent, delicate acoustic pieces which envelop the cello's chords, the flowishes from the flute and the singing of the two, one male, one female, vocalists.

LPGreat Wall of China(CBS S 64 430)1971
LPThe magic Spell of Mother Wratch(CBS S 64 979)1972
SPMagic Stone/Hey Gilles(CBS 7575)1971
SPListen to the Flavor/Paranoid Nightdream(CBS 7962)1972


Jazz rock from the drummer Okay TEMIZ. A music which draws on Okay TEMIZ's Turkish origins which combined with his experience as a jazz musician to offer a colourful and exciting jazz rock.

LPOriental Wind(Sonet SNTF 737)1977
LPZikir(SEB 11005)1979
LPChila Chila(Sonet SNTF 809)1979
LPBazaar(Sonet SNTF 864)1980
LPLive in Bremen(JA & RO 007)1982
LPLive in der Balver Hoehle(JG Records JG 044)1983
LPLife Road(JA & RO 08-4113)1983


This excellent band from Belgium may be compared with UNIVERS ZERO, a group whose the guitarist Roger TRIGAUX and drummer Daniel DENIS formerly played with: it has the same taste for dark atmospheres reminiscent of STRAVINSKY, but also a much more electric sound and a guitar style whose panting progressions are greatly influenced by FRIPP.

LPTriskaïdékaphobie(Atem 7008)1980
LPLe poison qui rend fou(Cuneiform Records RUNE 3)1985


A Belgian trio whose formation -organ/bass/drums- could evoke E.L.P or NICE but even if this influence shows through from time to time, RECREATION moves away from it because of its less pronounced fondness for classical music and because of its determination to base its music on a search for sounds and for original, elaborate and carefully worked-out compositions.

LPMusic or not Music(Barclay 920.356T)1971
SPLove forever/Fallen Astronauts(Barclay BLY 61665)1972


This American musician was engaged by Barclay and recorded an album in London along with some famous musicians such as Kevin WESTLAKE, Nic POTTER (ex VDGG), Mark CHARIG etc... On this album, he alternates calm acoustic ballades with more violent, energetic electric pieces which are close to hard rock.

LPOut of Nowhere(Barclay XBLY 80 446U)1972


This super group was formed by greatly talented musicians who come from famous Belgian lineups (PEBBLES, MAD CURRY). It proposes a progressive music of excellent quality evoking MOVING GELATINE PLATES's productions but with a more jazzy tendency. SHAMPOO shares with M.G.P that same taste for polished, complicated, subtly arranged and orchestrated themes, full of breaks in the rhythm and with inspired and exquisite instrumental performances.

LPVolume One(Motors MT 44009)1972


STAMATIS is a Greek singer and musician. With some French and Greek musicians including APHRODITE'S CHILD'S drummer and guitarist, he recorded an album of half acoustic, half electric rock. The atmosphere is calm and soft; the gentle ballades and quiet songs are perfectly sung and orchestrated. This delicate and suave rock album evokes STRAWBS' productions or even some tracks from GENESIS' first album.

LPBeautiful Lies(Philips 6325 008)1972


This English trio (keyboards, sax, drums), helped along by a bassist on this album, plays a solely instrumental music in the same vein as SOFT MACHINE on "Fourth". This record reveals a brilliant, united and gifted line up, made up of individuals full of talent such as drummer Roy DODDS with his fine and nuanced style, saxophonist Steve MULLIGAN and keyboardist Steve FRANKLIN. All of them are greatly inspired during their interventions or in the construction and development of the themes. This album is essential for those who love "Fourth" and that kind of cold and at the same time inflamed jazz rock which was played by RATLEDGE, DEAN and others.

LPSteps(EMI C 068-60190)1977


With one or many voices, she is looking for an ancient singing, without any other effects.

LPTamia(T Records T 1001)1978
LPSenza Tempo(T Records T 1002)1981


An unclassifiable musician who offers a music which escapes classification, is totally original and disconcerting. His music is based on the exploitation of the amazing range of his voice and its unorthodox, unusual use as well as on the fusion and combination of very different musical genres. Daring collages, North African chants, children's voices, African rhythms and popular melodies from all over the world are superimposed and mixed on his albums. Ghedalia TAZARTES travels across musical frontiers and conventions to offer a strange and excentric musical itinerary.

LPDiasporas(Cobalt CBL 002)1980
LPTransports(Cobalt CBL 005)1981
LPUne éclipse totale de soleil(Celluloïd CEL 6661)1984


UNIVERS ZÉRO is certainly the most original group from the Belgian scene in general and from the new music scene in particular. Album after album, an unique music, played mostly by little used acoustic instruments (harmonium, oboe, cello) has asserted itself, alternating gloomy passages with violent parts whose complicated rhythms are inspired by modern composers (STRAVINSKY, BARTOK etc). These very unusual rhythms owe a great deal to Daniel DENIS' style as a drummer: he is the equal of any of the greatest drummers and played alongside Christian VANDER during MAGMA's debut.

LP1313(Atem 7001)1977
LPHérésie(Atem 7005)197?
LPCeux du dehors(Atem 7009)1980
LPUzed(Cryonic MAD 3008)1984
Maxi SPCrawling Wind - Toujours plus à l'Est / Before the Heat / Central Belgium in the Dark(CHAOS International Series CIS1213)
SPLe triomphe des mouches(Recommended Records )1983

1 titre sur la compilation "Recommended Records Sampler"(R. R. 8)1982

Barney WILEN

An American saxophonist who took advantage of a trip to Africa to record a double album on his return which retraced his path across the African continent by adding the rock rhythms of the formation which accompanied him and the noises, sounds, chants and rhythms recorded in Africa to his music and the jazzy sounds of his sax. This double album of collages and intercontinental associations is quite successful.

LPMoshi(Saravah SH 10 028/29)1972

Robert WOOD

An English vibraphonist who after making two jazz albums turned towards a progressive rock based around his electric vibraphone which gave out the most strange and amazing sounds approaching at times those of a guitar or synthesizer. In addition to his very unusual style, Robert WOOD possessed a voice halfway between that of Jim MORRISON and Kevin AYERS. An excellent progressive "vibra-rock" which offered an anguished, occasionally unreal, occasionally delirious music when Robert WOOD gave free rein to his inspiration during long instrumental developments.

LPTarot(Edici ED 6.102)1972
LPSonabular(Edici ED 6.103)1973
LPVibrarock(Polydor 2393 137)1976
LPTombiac Vibe(Polydor 2393 150)1977


An Armenian group which integrated popular Armenian instruments (santour, kemantcka) into traditional rock instruments (bass, drums, synthesizer) to elaborate a progressive rock which combined these two musical worlds. The result is original, rich, almost unclassifiable and evocative sometimes of certain of Vangelis's early works (Earth). An excellent album with a prodigious instrumentation, studied, colourful sounds and an attractive atmosphere.

LPZartong(DOM D 50001)1979

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