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Christian DARRE

Former WOODEN EAR keyboardist, Christian DARRE is now following a solo career and proposes on his first album a music based on the combination between the acoustic piano's delicate chords, his organ's jazzy developments and the synthesizers' limpid and celestial sounds. On this record, he offers a varied, inventive and attractive music.

LPDaybreak(SFPP S.6834)1984


A group influenced by the English progressive school (GENESIS, YES, KC, ELP) and a certain trend in French rock (ATOLL, MONA LISA). DATURA offers an excellent progressive rock with a symphonic tendency, based on a certain musical sophistication and a complete mastery of the musical instruments used. The keyboardist's style and the guitarist's interventions are particularly attractive and their carefully constructed, elaborate and superbly arranged music is not lacking in strength or charm.



ZOO's former singer made one first interesting album featuring both violent almost hard-rock and nostalgic ballads on which his broken voice, reminiscent of Roger CHAPMAN's, was particularly enhanced by some outstanding musicians (Claude ENGEL on guitar, Paco CHARLERY on percussions, both ex MAGMA, Joel DUGRENOT on bass, Geza FENZL on drums). His albums later became progressively more commercial and less interesting.

LPJ'aime(Riviera 521 160)1971
LPWhite Soul(Riviera 521 189)1972
LPMamy Blue(Riviera 121 384)1972
LPBallades(w/TOP, PREVOTAT)(Barclay 422 002)1976
SPCan I live my Life/You got Freedom(Riviera 121 348)1971
SPOnly a Man/Paperback Writer(Riviera)1971

Christian DECAMPS

Whilst ANGE remained silent, its founder recorded a solo album which was musically in the same vein as ANGE despite a more pronounced rock flavour.

LPLe Mal d'Adam(Philips 9101 233)1979
SPPêle Mêle/Silence, on tourne(Philips 6837 594)1979


Before his brother, Francis DECAMPS brought out his own solo album with polished compositions and orchestrations. An album based on the energy in words and music.

LPHistoire de Fou(Philips 9101 212)1979


This keyboardist proposes a music which turns away from the floating synthetic scene and creates an original, varied, inventive electronic music which mixes and blends the grand organs', Andean flute-like sounds, the piano's delicate and romantic chords, with the synthesizers' electronic strident sounds, the rhythmic and melodic developments very close to those of VANGELIS and the cosmic passages. This continuous musical research and mixing contribute to produce an original, complicated music with strange sounding colours and surprising climates.

LPMythe Xero(FLVM 2011)1982


A trio of musicians, designers, founders of the Illusion Production label, members of the classical school of anfractuosity, involved in slow music, in the historic deviation concept, in the theory of epidemic, managers of the scientific underground.

LPAction et Démonstration japonaise(IP 010)1982
LPLes Ambulants(IP 020)1984
EPAventures en Afrique(IP 005)1981
SPMiss Vandam(IP 002)1979
SP5eme Anniversaire(IP 018)1984

1 titre sur la compilation "12 pour 1"(AAA A01)1982


The saxophonist Philippe DELETTREZ has recorded his debut album on which he develops a carefully constructed jazz-rock based on energetic rhythms and propelled along by a powerful and effective rhythmic section. A good, percussive, forceful jazz-rock album which excells with P. DELETTREZ's flamboyant saxophone and Claude BARTHELEMY's cutting interventions on guitar.

LPThe 13th Moon(Thirdway TW 002)1984


Originally formed to produce the soundtrack for the film "Visa de censure n°X", DELIRED CAMELEON FAMILY includes some members of CLEARLIGHT (whom Cyrille VERDEAUX) along with other equally distinguished musicians such as Ariel KALMA, Valérie LAGRANGE, Gilbert ARTMAN, Yvan COAQUETTE. This short-lived formation offers a music similar to that of CLEARLIGHT at the time of its first album with this fondness for a delicate spatial rock and superb flowishes by the guitar played by an excellent and inspired Christian BOULÉ.

LPVisa de censure n°X(Pathé-Marconi EMI 2C 066-13.087)1975


Andre DEMAY realized with Michel RIPOCHE (ex ZOO) an intimist and aerial jazz rock album. He produced a solo album under his own name, close to that of his record in duo with Michel RIPOCHE and elaborates some compositions with a delicate and sober atmosphere.

LPGeneric(WEA International 58115)1980

Claude DEMET

INTROVERSION and ANGE's former guitarist has recorded two albums and a single under his own name. The first one offers a music oriented towards forceful and percussive blues, tinged with BEEFHEART influences and sung by Claude DEMET's husky and drawling voice. His last productions celebrate an original style. They're full of this hot and violent blues, with a certain melancholy and a vigorous and energetic rock. His compositions allow us to appreciate the full range of his talent as a singer, with his deep voice which reveals sensitiveness and warmth, and his frenzied and wild interventions on the guitar.

LPHorde(Crypto ZAL 6404)1982
SPMonsieur Qui/Comm'une abeille(CA 94294)1984


A kind of hermit whose rests are longer than notes.

EP45' de rouge dans une bible noire(Phaedra 00)1980

1 titre sur la compilation "12 pour 1"(AAA A01)1982


Guitarist Philippe DESCHEPPER, accompanied by the popular rhythmic section of today (J. MAHIEUX, J.L PONTHIEUX) and saxophonist M. FREDEBEUL, performs a modern electric jazz which is in the same vein as TEXIER's "Companera" but accentuated and punctuated by the inventive guitarist DESCHEPPER's vindictive and sometimes HENDRIX-like flashes. Some beautiful, frenzied solos, enhanced by a brilliant sax on themes which are superbly developed by a perfect rhythmic section.

LPE.A.O et autres noms d'oiseaux(AMF Records 1020 - JLP001)1984


Those two female musicians offer a kind of background music close to ENO or CLUSTER with some slight DURUTTI COLUMN reminiscences. They develop a fragile, strange and vaporous atmosphere, play limpid, evanescent sounds on their keyboards and guitars and use their voices with intelligence and skill to create or accentuate the atmosphere they are looking for. It's a music with delicate charm, spellbinding and mysterious beauty and gentle and penetrating sophistication.

LPDouble Happiness

LPSilence and Wisdom(Papier Mâché Records PuLP 31)1982


After CHIEN DE FAIENCE disappeared leaving no recordings, two of its members kept on playing and turned to an easier kind of music. Synthesizers and rhythm boxes give it the modern sound of new wave and the simplicity of the melodies brings it closer to variety.

LPHorizon vertical(FLVM 3041)1981


The former MARTIN CIRCUS guitarist began a solo career which brought out the best in his voice rather than in his guitar. An average, somewhat affected and insipid rock.

LPEncore(Vogue )1978
SPLe rêve/Gédéon(Vogue V 45.1808)1971
SPLa fille d'en face/Je fais confiance(Vogue V 45.4919)1971


An elaborate jazz rock with two distinguished guests: (Richard RAUX: sax, Didier LOCKWOOD: violin, both ex-MAGMA) who vie each other in terms of virtuosity and are particularly enhanced during their interventions. The group shows off a certain melodic and musical diversity, expressing itself through certain styles played (gypsy's jazz, swinging jazz) and by the variety of instruments (guitar, sax....).

LPMoshi, Moshi(Mercury 6313.143)1981


Johnny HALLIDAY's former manager, Ticky HOLGADO formed this group which was also amongst the leaders of the first french rock wave. The group offers a simple, muscleband rock which lacks originality.

SPSad Harold/Aere Perennius(AZ SG 10 461)1969
SPStone me/Don't make me cry(AZ SG 149)1970
SPEmmène moi loin d'ici/Quelque chose me dit(RCA 49070)1971


DOLPHIN ORCHESTRA, led by saxophonist J.P DEBARBAT, plays a dynamic modern jazz on which his energetic and lyrical saxophone style particularly stands out. His plaintive and fiery sound, close to GARBAREK's, gives his solos a radiant brilliance and depth. As an innovator, on his last record, he plays a music entirely dominated by the sounds and flights of the 6 saxophones in his line up.

LPPrologue(RCA PL 37112)1977
LPA l'Olympia(RCA PL 37275)1979
LPRencontre et la planète carrée(RCA PL 37397)1980
LPDe luxe(JMS 019)1982

Philippe DORAY

Philippe DORAY plays a disturbing, surprising rock with a special emphasis on continuous research not only into the lyrics and the use of the voice and singing but also into instrumentation and theme construction. Philippe DORAY likes syncopated, broken rhythms, distorted, agressive sounds and the strident notes of the synthesizers and guitars, over which he expresses himself in a delirious vocal style. Philippe DORAY is fond of these strange and unconventional climates.

LPRamasse-miettes nucléaire(AA 001 Gratte Ciel 3001)1977
LPNouveaux modes industriels(Scopa Invisible 10006)1980

Alain DUBAR-Jérôme-Victor

This trio, a contemporary of MARTIN CIRCUS and TRIANGLE, recorded only one single whose influences and sounds came from folk music. The vocal track is rather nice, in the same vein as pop productions at that time (DYNASTIE CRISIS, MARTIN CIRCUS) and the instrumental one is "folky", rhythmical and pleasant.

SPAngelique ou polygamie/Troune bidoune A1(Vogue 45 V.4042)1972


An album who is a little disappointing. Pascal DUFFARD's music drifts from one style to another throughout the whole album offering a mixture of contemporary music, jazz, brass band and insipid variety. The musicians playing on this album are particularly renowned and excellent (M. PLATON, F. MOZE, C. ENGEL, J. SEFFER, T. BLAKE, B. LUBAT).

LPDieu est fou(CBS 81589)1976


One of the best progressive rock groups to emerge from the French musical scene. DUN offered a very refined progressive music, superbly arranged, studied and constructed which evoked the early days of the Canadian group MANEIGE or the Dutch group SUPERSISTER with its research into different sounds and tones. French-style chamber rock. Beautiful and complex music dominated by Pascal VANDENBULKE's magnificent flute. Note the presence of percussionist Alain TERMOL.

LPEros(SAB 001)1981


Jazz-rock tinged with humour.




A commercial pop-music from the 70's.

LPSed Libera Nos A Malo(Philips 849 522)1970
LPDynastie Crisis(Pathé C.062-12.363)1972
SPSomething Else(Philips 606 1032)1970
SPJ'ai mal/Le corbeau et le renard
SPLitanie pour la fin d'un jour/Les promesses n'ont pas d'ailes
SPVivre libre/Faust 72(Pathé 2C.006-12.216)1972
SPJesahel/Le monde éclate(Pathé 2C.006-11.982)1972
SPR'n'R dans la rue/Réveille-toi(Pathé 2C.006-12.325)1972
SPJe suis l'homme/Schizomania(Pathé 2C.006-12.422)1973
SPJ'ai brisé la chaîne/Luciana(Pathé 2C.008-12.905)1974
SPFleur du mal/Chante, fais ce qu'il te plaît(Pathé 2C.006-11.850)1974

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