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Former ART ZOYD III guitarist, Alain ECKERT recorded his first solo album along with Serge BRINGOLF (drums and sax) on which he reveals the excellence of his own particular style of guitar playing with unique phrasing. Rejecting gratuitous virtuosity and technical demonstrations, his album develops a music which creates an atmosphere in the manner of Terje RYPDAL. The compositions are beautiful, often tinged with nostalgia and with just a hint of anguish.

LPAlain ECKERT Quartet(L'Amanite AM 011)1982


On his first solo album, TRIODE's former flutist, along with some famous friends (François COUTURIER, Denis BARBIER, Jean QUERLIER), plays a music built up on the different tones and frenzied sounds of the flute. Its evolutions are accompanied and followed by pianist François COUTURIER'S very free style and the rhythmic section's instrumental and rhythmical support. This album reminds us of Roland KIRK's productions, with the same fondness for a research into development of the flute strange and original sounds.

LPFlûtes Rencontre(Marge 15)1983


A keyboards/percussions duo which offers a very melodious and beautiful music based on the solemn and refined keyboards chords. The keyboards elaborate and develop sensitive, delicate and elegant melodies which are perfectly worked out and arranged. EDEN's music is evocative of that played by musicians or groups such as Bo HANSSON, CATHARSIS or ROEDELIUS on his record "Jardin au fou". EDEN's music, like that on ROEDELIUS's record has the same liking for original and precious sounds and tones. The organ assumes the tones and register of a mechanical or grand organ. An excellent forceful record which is very beautiful.

LPAura(Oxygène OXY 045)1979

EDEN (2)

Despite having the same name, this quintet offers a music totally different from the preceding duo's. The group plays a more straightforward, easily accessible rock with an excursion into the territory of politically committed and contestant hard-rock on the B-side of its single: "La parole aux Français".

LPMa liberté/La parole aux français(Magic-Productions M 1029)1981


This is a solely instrumental album, close to jazzy variety, from a quartet (organ/guitar/bass/drums) whose music sometimes evokes Brian AUGER and the Trinity. Like Brian AUGER, Henry GARELLA is a gifted organist, with a great virtuosity and instrumental mastery. His forceful and spectacular style is tinged with lyricism when the group plays calm and delicate compositions. Some of this group's members will later form another group, SANDROSE, with Jean-Pierre ALARCEN.

LPOn the Way to Eden(Katema KA 33 507)1969
LPTravelling/Under the Sun(Katema KAT 45 512)1969


This group produces an excellent, original and solely instrumental progressive rock in the same vein as actual KING CRIMSON, MANZANERA on his solo albums, or with QUIET SUN, or even evokes GENESIS at the time of "A Trick of the Tail". Superb, very melodious compositions, brilliantly performed, constructed and arranged, and illuminated by splendid guitar parts. A real masterpiece which allow us to appreciate the fabulous talents as a composer and guitarist of Marc CECCOTTI. One of the best progressive albums from 80's.

LPOriental Christmas(CA 94510)1986


Formed by Mimi LORENZINI (ex TRIANGLE), this group produced at its beginning a rather technical jazz rock before to play a jazz rock both technical and lyrical, close to that of BRAND X or TURNING POINT.

LPAllée des tilleuls(United Artists UAS 29.965)1976
LPAliquante(RCA Balance PL 37069)1977
LPHorizon digital(RCA Balance PL 37215)1978


Emmanuel BOOZ was just a simple musician in this his first group when it produced a single featuring two instrumental pieces.

LPLe mont des oliviers/Glorification(Vogue INT 80 217)1969


This group, led by drummer Michel LE BARS, who also plays with MAGMA, offers an original music which subtly combines European-inspired jazz rock, MAGMA's influence (at the time of "Live") and that of the new music groups (ART ZOYD, PRESENT). It elaborates and develops dense, forceful or ethereal themes which are often based on energetic rhythms, propelled along by a powerful rhythmic section. The themes are full of incisive interventions by the guitar, inflamed by Véronique PERRAULT's anguished singing (on the first album) and the rhythmic section's sudden, pulsating accelerations. Both albums include superb themes, full of finesse, and with a great research into melodies and sounds. Excellent and original.

LPEider Stellaire(K 001)1981
LPEider Stellaire(K 2)1986


This line up, the first of that name, proposed a mixture of esoterism and science fiction with recited or sung lyrics and a varied orchestration.

LPA l'aube du verseau(Philips 6325 207)1975


This line-up is the second one with that name. On its self-produced album, it offers a music in the same vein as ANGE or ATOLL. It shares a taste for polished vocals, theatrical and forceful compositions with these these groups. Like C. DECAMPS or A. BALZER, the singer distinguishes himself by his presence, power and vocal exploits and the musicians are particularly talented and inspired. By its sophistication and musical finesse, the complexity of the melodies, this group evokes ATOLL at its best. Exquisite sound effects and superb vocals complete this album's success.

LPLe Mana perdu(ELO 666)1983


This line up of four musicians, along with two guests on this record (flute, ondioline), offers a progressive music tinged with jazz rock as a musical medium for political and poetical lyrics. This group prefers broken musical suites like the complicated suites developed by HATFIELD and favours the creation of tortuous, rambling instrumental structures which allow us to appreciate the guitarist's agility and the pianist's superb jazzy style.

LPSortie de secours(Pôle 0015)1976


This recording is a compilation of five very musically different formations. MEGOT and CORRESPONDANCE play an energetic, muscleband rock, close to hard rock. HARALD prefers an insane urban rock, CAFE MOZART plays slightly new wave rock and DAMOCLES proposes a rebellious, declamatory rock which sometimes evokes ANGE or MONA LISA.

LPEna(Fika FK 1002)1980


This eleven member group led by double bass player Patrice CARATINI plays a forceful and energetic brassy jazz rock evoking some English or French big bands. This orchestra shows a great instrumental mastery and develops a warm, swinging music with some fine and intelligent interventions by inspired soloists (Marc FOSSET, Eric LELANN).

LP11(Musiza 201 896)1981

Claude ENGEL

Former guitarist with OMEGA PLUS, MAGMA and DAYDE, Claude ENGEL made the decision to record under his own name but his albums of almost variety-style rock emphasize his limited talent as a singer rather than his unlimited talent as a guitarist. However, on his last album, he turns towards to a percussive and energetic jazz-rock.

LPEngel Story(CBS 65439)1973
LPFantasmagory(CBS 81261)1976
LPGuitarisme(Apache 240291-1)1983


This group produces a modern urban blues rock tinged with pessimism expressed through the singer's distant and disenchanted voice. His monotonous and passionless singing evokes BASHUNG. ENTRE CHIENS et LOUPS proposes a contemporary blues rock in the same tradition as Bill DERAIME, playing an urban blues, built around simple rhythms and short sax or guitar solos.

LPMarée basse/Voyageurs de poussière


Gérard ENTREMONT proposes a light, elegant and sophisticated rock which is based on refined vocal parts, delicate melodies, exquisite music and original arrangements which are elaborated by very talented musicians (BRELY brothers, Alain POTIER, Hervé DERRIEN, François OVIDE). Gérard ENTREMONT produces a refined, poetic, beautiful and melancholy music, superbly enhanced by a remarkable instrumental work, in the same tradition as ILOUS, Richard GILLY and Michel ZACHA whose voice has some intonations in common with his.

LPGérard ENTREMONT & CO(Pathé-Marconi Vice-Versa 2C 064-13.071)1975


A progressive group from Aix-en-Provence fronted by Lionel LEDISSEZ whose quavering voice is similar to Pete BROWN's or Roger CHAPMAN'S. After a first bluesy single, the group offered a music inspired by FAMILY or EAST of EDEN but stamped with its own personality. Beautiful, carefully worked out compositions dominated by the singer's superb voice and Roland MEYNET's violin and propelled along by a rhythmic section which excells by its power and finesse. ERGO SUM develops a very elaborate constructed music with complex arrangements and energetic and powerful rhythmic progressions. With its strength, character, instrumental and melodic richness, "Mexico" asserts itself as one of the best French progressive rock albums of its time.

LPMexico(Thélème Philips 6332 500)1972
LPGive you my Name/Everyday(AZ SG 170)1970
LPTijuana/It's me(Thélème 6152 003)1972


This female singer accompanies herself on the guitar and keyboards but also profits from the help of excellent musicians (Benoît WIDEMANN, François LAIZEAU, Alain JEAN-MARIE). She offers a music tinged with the bossa nova and Brazilian rhythms and influenced by jazz rock music. Her way of singing and using her voice sometimes reminds us of Flora PURIM and the great jazz female singers, with a certain taste for sunny rhythms, a lazy and sensual atmosphere with an invitation to be soothed by her sweet melodies and gentle, languorous voice.

LPKumkwaya(CE 1)1985

Christian ESCOUDÉ

A guitarist who has managed to master and transcend Django REINHARDT's very strong influence to create his own original style and offer an attractive and colourful music which has gone from a jazzy sound to jazz-rock.

LPReunion(Musica Records MUS 3003)1975
LPLes quatre elements -ESCOUDE/CAPON-(Musica Records MUS 3006)1976
LPLibra -ESCOUDE/GRAILLIER-(Musica Records MUS 3017)1976
LPGitane -ESCOUDE/HADEN-(Musica Records/AU Life AL 001)1979
LPGousti -ESCOUDE/CAPON-(Musica Records/All Life AL 006)1979
LPESCOUDE/CULLAZ(Red Records VPA 145)1981
LPReturn(Red Records VPA 145)1981
LPMirjana -ESCOUDE/LEWIS-(Ahead 33750)1981
LPGypsy's Morning(JMS 013)1981
LPChristian ESCOUDE Group feat. Toots THIELMANS(JMS 022)1983
LPThree of a Kind -C. ESCOUDE/B. FERRE/B. REINHARDT(JMS 038)1985


One of the best current French formations playing a violent, energetic and tense music with an anguished atmosphere which brings out the intelligent and superb lyrics and their challenging themes. A group which possesses the same energetic potential, strength and emotional force as MAGMA and which develops a violent music (sometimes as far as the lyrics are concerned as well) which strikes, oppresses and agresses the listener. Their music can also be calm, dreamy and serene. ESKATON is an important group whose every production is an event not to be missed.

LPArdeur(E 38001)1980
LPFiction(E 38301)1983
LPLe Chant de la Terre/If(E 01)1979


This name conceals a trio from Nîmes who plays a sunny, gay, lively music full of spontaneity and invention, animated by a profound sensibility and a good deal of humour. All these musical ingredients and qualities evoke the musical universe created by SATIE and his spiritual children ZNR but ECBR differs from this group by a deep rooted attachment to jazz and a greater fondness for a more dynamic and less static sound.

LPEst-ce bien raisonnable(Revolum REV 037)1982


A trio who quite happily goes beyond the bounds of music and its conventions to create a jerky and humorous rock laced with touches of BEEFHEART and combining folly and derision in the manner of Albert MARCOEUR or ZNR.

LPBatelages(Gratte Ciel 2001)1977
LPLes 3 fous perdegagnent(Tapioca 10020)1978
LPEn direct des Etats-Unis d'Amérique(Celluloïd CEL 6572)1979
LPLes poumons gonflés(TMSA 3301)1982
LPLes sillons de la terre(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74813)1984
LPFace aux éléments déchaînés(Rec Rec 08)1985


A double album which, like its name indicates, was an experience, that of bringing together some of the best french musicians (from MARTIN CIRCUS, TRIANGLE...) to produce disco music featuring mainly re-worked oldies (Gimme Some Lovin, Louie Louie, Keep On Running...). An average album of variable quality with little character, endless pieces and little inspired soloists apart from François JEANNEAU and Alain PEWZNER. There are, however, some more elaborate compositions (Kryptonite Party).

LPExpérience(Vogue SLVLX 575)1971


A trio greatly influenced by C, S, N & Y which offers a music based on polished vocal harmonies and carefree, sunny, lazy songs.

LPExtra Muros(Warner Bros 46.145)1972


A cross between jazz-rock and progressive rock with original and attractive themes on which inspired instrumentalists express themselves. MOVING GELATINE PLATES's influence can be felt to some extent as far as the theme construction and use of broken rhythms are concerned. A lot of ideas and a great variety of instruments (sax, violin, keyboards, percussions, flute, guitars) help to make up a very good album.

LPMandarine(EV 1)1979

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