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Jean-Michel KAJDAN

Ex-ODEURS and former bassist/guitarist with Didier LOCKWOOD's group, Jean-Michel KAJDAN has made two albums of straightforward and powerful jazz-rock on which he displays his talent as a spectacular and exciting guitarist. A fine array of experienced musicians accompany him on his two albums (Benoît WIDEMANN, Bernard PAGANOTTI, Didier LOCKWOOD, Sylvain MARC, Jean-Philippe COUDE, Gérard PREVOST).

LPFirst Step(Polydor 2393 249)1979
LPMummy(JMS 021)1983
SPMelissa/Going the same way(Polydor 2097 845)1980


Repetitive and floating music based around the harmonium and sax; a music of travels and dreams, reminiscent of Terry RILEY and Arabian music.

LPAriel(Astral Muse 9999)1975
LPNoises(Kamikaze 4)1977
(Compilation with 14mn of music d'Ariel Kalma)
LPOsmose(S.F.P.P 35021/22)1978
avec/with Richard TINTI
LPInterfréquence(MP 2000 MP 120)1979
SPCarré bleu(Astral Muse)


A duo, composed of a multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, guitar, bass, voice) and a percussionist, which offers an album constituted of multiple, short, varied, polished, inventive, instrumental pieces, with a naîve charm, sometimes evocative of EDEN, EGG or ROEDELIUS. The compositions are attractive, built around and developed around some organ's notes, some guitar's chords or some outlines of melodies, often delicate and fragile, constructed by the keyboards whose the multiple registers and sounds create solemn and precious tones or sometimes evoke the timbre of a harpsichord, a harp or a mechanical organ... Original and excellent.

LP10 GMT(FLVM 3013)1980


Formed after RED NOISE split up, KOMINTERN was part of a committed and politicized trend in French rock in the early 70's. By re-working fairground music, revolutionary chants and themes from French folk music, KOMINTERN used derision and provocation as far as the lyrics and music were concerned to offer an original contestant rock, both virulent and caustic.

LPLe bal du rat mort(Harvest 2C 062-11.774)1971
SPFou, roi, pantin/Elle était belle(Pathé Marconi C 006-11775)1971


This group was inspired by MAGMA's music to such a degree that it's almost plagiarism: the same language derived from "Kobaïa", the same musical references to STRAVINSKY and COLTRANE. The drummer's style is very close to VANDER's and the singer's voice to BLASQUIZ's. If the cover didn't show unknown musicians' names, we could easily think that MAGMA's musicians were playing on this mysterious album.

LPDon d'ail(CV 0048)1979

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