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SAÏNO produced two albums: one is exclusively instrumental, consisting of a kind of technical, communicative jazz-rock, constructed on energetic and elaborate themes in the same vein as SPHEROE or RTF. The second one is vocal, halfway between a powerful jazz-rock and a certain French rock tradition represented by groups such as MONA LISA, ATOLL, with in addition a little influence from some French "rock" singers (THIEFAINE, LAVILLIERS).

LPSaïno(Sai 01)1982
LPBitume rouge(Sai 02)1984


SAINT-ERHART produced an original, forceful jazz-rock album in the same vein as Serge BRINGOLF. Their music is powerful, rigorous, violent reaching perfection as far as technique and melodies are concerned and based on a solid rhythmic section, the sounds and inspired passages from the brass section and the complexity of themes and arrangements. SAINT-ERHART offers energetic carefully worked-out and captivating compositions during which Emmanuel SEJOURNE's vibraphone and Philippe GEISS's sax vie with each other in terms of virtuosity and inspiration. An excellent album which shows what original jazz-rock can be, technical and lyrical at one and the same time.

LPPaprika(OM 67.020)1981


Founded by Jean-Pierre ALARCEN and former members of EDEN ROSE, SANDROSE played a superb progressive rock based on Rose PODWOJNY's magnificent, beautiful, powerful, clear voice, the continuous floating sounds of the mellotron and the furious incisive interventions by Jean-Pierre ALARCEN whose talented and original guitar playing explodes during a superbly constructed long instrumental passage full of finesse and strength. One of the best progressive rock albums.

LPSandrose(Polydor 2393 030)1972
SPOld Dom is dead/Vision(Polydor 2056 150)1972


SAPHO offers another facet of feminine rock with her powerful voice which she often uses in the manner of opera singers. She combines her Moroccon origins with the sounds of modern rock to produce a colourful, warm and lively music.

LPSapho(RCA PL 37106)1977
LPSapho(Pathé Marconi EMI 2C 070-16.790)1980
LPPassage d'enfer(Pathé Marconi 2C 030-72.514Z)1982
LPParis stupide






SPTrain de Paris



On his first album dedicated to Bobby LAPOINTE, Albert MARCOEUR and CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, the singer Christian SARCLORET offers a music which follows in the footsteps of his spiritual leaders combining humour, derision, surrealistic and verbal folly with the sounds of a bizarre, disturbing rock played by renowned musicians (J.P GOUDE, F. LOCKWOOD, J.M KAJDAN, M. CHANTEREAU, G. PREVOST). On his second album, he follows the same musical direction with this mixture of humour, sarcastic and disrespectful whim.

LPLes premiers adieux de SARCLORET(Polydor 813 448-1)1983
LPLes pulls de ma poule(Cryonic MAD 4002)1985


This group founded by two former MARQUIS DE SADE saxophonists plays a rather conventional rock, tinged with humour and spiritually derived from Albert MARCOEUR. MARCOEUR's influence filters through certain parts and through their pronounced taste for diversion towards surprising musical directions (free jazz, swing).

LPL'avis des animaux(Epic EPC 85694)1982
SPLa danse du marsupilami(Epic EPC A 1315)1982


SCHIZO corresponds to Richard PINHAS's musical adventures after he left BLUES CONVENTION and to the first steps towards HELDON's music with musicians who were later to play a part in the Imperial HELDON Company (Patrick GAUTHIER, Georges GKÛNBLATT, Coco ROUSSEL).

SPSchizo and the little Girl/Paraphrenia Praecox(SFP 44005)1972
SPLe Voyageur/Torcol(Disjuncta)1972

Yochk' o SEFFER

After leaving ZAO, Yochk'o SEFFER launched himself into the creation and performance of his own musical universe by combining his past as a jazzman with his Hungarian origins and the legacy of European classical and contemporary music. He brought these different in fluences together to make a deeply original music.

LPMagyar-Iô(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74604)1976
LPDélire(Moshé-Naîm MN 0 12.008)1976
LPIma(Moshé-Naîm MN 0 12.010)1977
LPGhilgoul(Garou-Garou SR 116)1979
LPChromophonie 1 -Le diable angélique-(GC 2101)1982
LPChromophonie 2 -Le livre de Bahir-(GC 2102)1984


After DEVOTIONS broke up and before he joined ALICE, Paul SEMAMA founded SEMAMA. Despite the fact that he was a talented guitarist he prefered to opt for a music which was based on the beauty and spontaneity of the melodies and vocal harmonies and which evoked Californian music.

SPL'Etna/Un peu de toi(Pathé Marconi 006-10.834)1970
SPMon petit garçon/Le train du méridien(BYG 129 035)1971


Free rock with tortured, agressive sounds and an underground experimental music typical of the style favoured by the Futura label.

LPEssais(Futura Records SON 02)1971


A line up of five musicians including two guitarists and a violonist and which performs an aerial, well-constructed, warm and pleasant jazz rock based on the exposition of the theme by the whole group and on the dialogue between the guitars and the violin whose the clear and swinging sound is very close to that of GRAPPELLI.

SPStress/Rue gauloise(Plein Watt MOD.PW.24)1985


Eric SERRA is a bassist who has played with CAHEN/MALHERBE group. He composed and recorded the soundtrack of "Subway" along with many famous musicians (GAUTHIER, WIDEMANN, KAJDAN, Alain and Yvon GUILLARD). He offers an ill-assorted mixture of musical styles and alternates tracks of strong funky jazz rock with tracks close to FM rock and others of a very film-soundtrack style.

LPSubway(Gaumont Musique GM 339702)1985


A female singer with an attractive, ringing, warm voice who recorded two singles lacking in originality.

SPFor little Birds/Hey Man(Pathé Marconi
2C 006-11.352M)
SPElle était si belle la Terre/C'est pour cela que je t'aime(Vogue )1973


A brass band in the same vein as Caria BLEY or Willem BREUKER. They take their inspiration from many sources and present a music with rich and surprising arrangements.

LPDernier cri(AYAA DT 1184)1984

1 titre sur la compilation 12 pour 1(AAA A01)1982


Exquisite themes propelled along by an energetic and inventive rhythmic section are the main assets of this group whose sunny and even torrid music evokes the great WEATHER REPORT at its best.

LPNuit blanche(Jazzibao JZ 06)1985


Successful singer William SHELLER composed and recorded a real symphony, with a symphonic orchestra, numerous choirs and a rather discreet rock formation. He offers a splendid, majestic work, both wonderfully composed and orchestrated. It's dominated and conducted by the choirs' wide movements. William SHELLER celebrates a very refined, ethereal, baroque music of great beauty.

LPLux Aeterna(CBS 65030)1972


A group playing a somewhat progressive rock slightly influenced by the sounds of modern French rock and which develops an energetic rhythmic music punctuated by violin chords and guitar riffs. A music which can be likened to the style of American progressive hard-rock groups (KANSAS etc).

SPZone rouge/H.P. 1984(Village 255.263)1984


This group offers an original, terrific music in the same vein as New Music's groups (UZ, PRESENT, ART ZOYD) as well as KING CRIMSON (at the time of "Red") or even some classical composers (WAGNER, PENDERECKI). SN presents an excellent, both dark and brilliant music; the themes begin on heavy, tense rhythms and bolt under keyboards chords pressure, the rumblings of the bass and drums pulsating hammering while Ann STEWART'S ethereal voice inflames the composition who explodes in the guitar's tortured sounds springing out. A music of climates, of a somptuous incandescence, a great dramatical intensity with this slow and unyielding progression of tension. Excellent.

LPShub-Niggurath(Muséa FGBG 2002)1986


A progressive rock group influenced by GENESIS and particularly KING CRIMSON at the time of "Starless.." or "Red" and who presents a refined, elaborate, very polished music based on the construction of exquisite compositions with long and complicated instrumental developments. This music is enhanced by the sudden interventions of Frederic L'EPEE sputtering guitar and the subtle percussion style.

LPGialorques(Gialorques 8001)1976
(or CBS 82189) 1977
LPIle de fièvre(CBS 82862)1978


A group influenced at one and the same time by a certain trend in French rock (ATOLL, ANGE, MONA LISA) and by English progressive rock (especially by GENESIS and KC) which offers an excellently executed, constructed and very elaborate progressive music with complex instrumentation and developments. The musicians are remarkable especially the guitarist who displays the richness and finesse of his style during some superb interventions. A very good progressive rock record.

LPSkryvania(DMR 001)1978


This name conceals some "veterans" of free-jazz and former members of the DHARMA QUINTET, Patrice and Manuel VILLAROEL. They offer a music in turn very lyrical and jazzy, intimist and delicate evocative of the atmosphere developed in certain of ECM's works or OREGON'S productions. SKUAS shares with OREGON this fondness for impressionistic, suggestive, romantic sequences and for a fusion of styles and musical horizons (The East, classical music, jazz). A good album.

LPTraversée(Aroc 50304)1984


A production directed by some old hands at French rock including Francois OVIDE (ex NEMO) which distills a rock with lyrics in French. It is serious and lacks inspiration but has a very professional sound.

LPSo & Co(Pathé-Marconi Vice-Versa 2C 064 13.070)1975


Blues rock signed by Jean-Pierre CARON (the group's guitarist). It does not go beyond the limits of this style nor distinguish itself from the Anglo-Saxon models of the time and the compositions in French lack strength and seduction.

SPLe Roi du monde/Dead and gone(Thélème 6152 001)1971
SPChacun son tour/Rockin' Queen(Thélème 6152 006)1972
SPLa vie comme elle vient/Tout super(Thélème)

1 titre sur la compilation Puissance 13+2(Thélème-Philips 6641 037)1972

1 titre sur la compilation Music is my Honey(Thélème 6332 752)1973


This formation of 5 musicians proposes a progressive rock with french lyrics in the same vein as ATOLL or ANUBIS but with a slightly more hard direction expressing itself by the construction and development of energetic, strong and forceful compositions. These compositions are enhanced by frenzied punctuations and propelled along by a vigorous rhythmic section.

SPMiroir/L'Espoir(Livetone Records LR 0103)1979


This experimental music explores the areas halfway between rock, jazz, concrete, improvised and repetitive music, with some incursions towards free-jazz. This adventurous, sometimes very free, strident, disturbing, sometimes more structured and melodic avant garde music evokes THIRD EAR BAND, CLIVAGE's first LP or Brigitte FONTAINE with ART ENSEMBLE'S record.

LPPurf(Disques du cavalier CVR MG 650)1972


A guitar/keyboards duo offering a spatial and at times floating music which differs from the German models because it is more agressive, colder, denser and causes more anguished and troubled awakenings. This music is also reminiscent of AMON DÜÜL's firstalbums, ASHRA, with some beautiful inflamed cosmic sequences created by the guitarist's frenzied interventions.

LPParadoxe(SC 7802)1979


Yochk'o SEFFER and Jean-Louis BUCCHI's group offered a ZAO style jazz-rock propelled along by the bass guitar played by Joël DUGRENOT or Jannick TOP and by Yochk'o SEFFER's sax. The group produced some original themes bursting with energy.

LPSpeed Limit(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74575)1975
LPSpeed Limit(RCA FPL1 0101)1976


This group stood out by the excellent quality ofits jazz rock and came to the fore by its impressive instrumental mastery and perfection, its stunning elegance and melodic richness. It's one of the best progressive jazz rock groups in France, with the same style and dimension as BRAND X, sharing with this group the same talent to construct forceful, technical, lyrical and polished compositions.

LPSpheroe(Cobra COB 37006)1977
LPPrimadonna(Cobra COB 37018)1978


A record of floating music based on Egyptian mythology and whose compositions are evocative of TANGERINE DREAM or Edgar FROESE's music. S. RAMSES offers a music which is not very original and rather lacking in inspiration and conviction.

LPSecret(RCA PL 37151)1978


One of the finest applications of electronics to the music.

Maxi SPGansaid Facts(Atem 7011)1982


One of the best progressive rock albums from the eighties. Superbly composed, constructed, recorded and mixed, this concept album based on the fantastic history of the White Lady was realised by guitarist Chris ROBIN, author of this album's music and lyrics, and leader of this formation. This album is part, without a doubt, of the masterpieces produced by the masters of progressive rock (YES, GENESIS, KC, MARILLION...). Formed of 5 musicians including the exceptional Irish singer, Danny BROWN, which has a powerful, clear and high-pitched voice, STEP AHEAD plays an original, very polished, elaborate music, full of finesse and with an incredible beauty. This album features wonderful tracks with an amazing musical power and a spellbinding refinement. Absolutely indispensable for all progressive fans.

LPStep Ahead(RCA PL 37604)1982
Maxi SPHeaven/Eleven Days/White Lady(RCA DC 8886 - Promo)1982


Alan STIVELL asserts his Breton identity and takes his inspiration from Celtic culture. He drove Breton progressive folk music to success and made Celtic pfogressive folk music known. He mixes folk and rock, traditional acoustic Celtic instruments (bagpipes, flutes..) and electric instruments (guitar, synthesizers etc.). His originality was not only in the celebration of this Celtic culture but also in the revelation of the Celtic harp which later personified and defined his music. Like MAGMA, Alan STIVELL became a legendary character on the French musical scene through his creation of a particular style, an original and unique musical art. The best French musicians from the folk scene (Dan AR BRAS, Gabriel YACOUB, René WERNEER) and the rock scene (Clément BAILLY, HERVE brothers, Marc PERRU, Chris HAYWARD) were members of his group something which reminds us of MAGMA.

LPReflets(Fontana 6312 011)1970
LPRenaissance de la harpe celtique(Fontana 6325 302)1972
LPA l'Olympia(Fontana 6399 005)1972
LPChemins de terre(Fontana 6325 304)1973
LPE Langonned(Fontana 6325 332)1974
LPA Dublin(Phonogram Keltia III 9101 850)1975
LPTreman Inis -Vers l'Ile-(Phonogram Keltia III 9101.851)1976
LP'Raok Dilestra -Avant d'accoster-(Phonogram Keltia III 9101.852)1977
LPUn Dewez'h Barzh'ger -Journée à la maison-(Keltia III CBS 82823)1978
LP3rd Live: International Tour -Tro ar Bed-(Keltia III CBS 83505)1979
LPSymphonie celtique -Tir Na Nog-(Keltia III CBS 88487)1980
LPTerre des vivants -Bed an Dud Vew-(AZ 2 373)1983
LPLegend, Mojenn, Légende(AZ 475)1983
LPHarpes du nouvel âge(WEA 240737.1)1985
25 cmMélodies celtiques(Novez Breiz Standard N° 3344)1971
SPCrépuscule sur la rade/Ballade pour un matin de pluie(Fontana 260 156 MF)1969
SPThe Wind of Keltia/Pop Plinn(Fontana 6010 050)1972
SPTri Martolod/The King of the Fairies(Fontana 6010 076)1972
SPBrezhonez' Raok/Metig(Fontana 6010 098)1973.


This group formed by flutist Bernard WYSTRAETE offers a music which mixes rock and jazz in the same vein as groups which later made a success with this kind of experiment: ZAO, COS or CORTEX's first lineup. As a precursor, STRUCTURE produces a melodious and elegant synthesis music which is based on the flute's flowishes, the violin's chords and the female singer's vocals. All those ingredients and the musical colors evoke the three groups mentioned above. These beautiful melodies are enlightened by the forceful onomatopoeias of Anny's clear voice and by Bernard WYSTRAETE's ethereal and limpid style. A good pop jazz album.

LPPop Music(AFA N.E.C 20745)1970


This quartet from Nancy including two guitarists recorded two tracks which are to be classed in the category of the French rock wave of its time represented by ALICE and TRIANGLE.

SPViens, saute ce fleuve/Armes et fleurs(Free-Form PPN 4442)1972


This formation recorded one album on which it offers a technically perfect, well played and interesting jazz-rock but lacking strength because of a rather flat production. Note the presence of Michel BONNECARRERE (ex ZOO and OPHIUCUS) as a guest and that one member of this group will found later an another group: FALSTAFF.

LPSubversion(Pôle SVB 020)1976


This group, evoking ESKATON and MAGMA (at the time of Atthak) by the same vocal and rhythmical sequences, offers an energetic, rhythmic music. The lyrics are humoristic or agressive and the music is propelled along by an efficient rhythmic section and the female singers ethereal and clear choruses. Their high pitched vocals intensify the mechanical and obsessional pulsation imparted by the rhythmic section.

LPPourquoi es-tu si méchant ?(RCA PL 37657)1983


A group formed by Didier LOCKWOOD and his brother after his time with MAGMA. Highly technical energetic jazz-rock based on very bold or more serene rhythms during which Didier LOCKWOOD takes some sparkling and furious choruses.

LPSurya(Cornélia Productions COR 4310)1979


An acoustic big band with a string section including some talented and renowned musicians (J.C CAPON, D. VAN HECKE: cellos, D. LOCKWOOD, J.Y RIGAUD: violins) and some other prestigious musicians (D. LEVALLET, C. ESCOUDE, B. LUBAT) for a swinging and lively jazz, with elaborate arrangements and attractive themes.

LPSwing String System(Uniteledis UNI 131078)1979


West Indian warm and colourful jazz-rock during which Jean-Yves RIGAUD's (ex ZAO) violin plays with virtuosity and energy. Some beautiful compositions excellently enhanced by accomplished musicians and inspired, skilful technicians.

LPSynchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language(Moshé-Naîm MN 12.007)1975


Progressive rock following in the footsteps of ATOLL and MONA LISA. Beautiful, carefully worked-out and constructed compositions (embellished by the singer's voice on the second album) during which the keyboards and guitars are shown to advantage. SYNOPSIS's talent and personality are particularly evident on their second album which includes some forceful, elegant and refined melodies. These melodies are worthy of ATOLL's best tracks. The group has some of ATOLL's qualities, particularly that of being fine musicians and inspired composers.

LPMinuit-Ville(SRC 351.357)1979
LPGamme(FLVM 3026)1981
SPCitée/Noctambule(Promo FLVM 4542)1981


This group presents a music in the tradition of the big brass bands of the 70's, and in the same vein as those groups (BST, CHICAGO, GASMAK) plays a music based on the different brass riffs and the singer's vocal presence and sensual voice.

LPSynthésis(Fabulous FAB 1007)1971


A funky jazz-rock big band playing swinging, lively music propelled along by some renowned musicians (Didier LOCKWOOD, François JEANNEAU etc) who live up to their reputation.

LPSynthésis(ARC ZAL 2005)1977


The ancestors of French rock. Formed in 1967, SYSTEME CRAPOUTCHIK included Jean-Pierre ALARCEN and produced a carefully worked-out, polished music influenced by the BEATLES and C,S,N and Y with beautiful spontaneous melodies but verging occasio nally on variety.

LPAussi loin que je me souvienne(Flamophone FL 3301)1969
LPFlop(Flamophone FL 3302)1971
LPLe Système Crapoutchik(Flamophone FL 2933103)1975
EPUn peu de rien/Un peu de musique(Vogue EPL 8229)1968
EPMr Sans Joie/Je t'ai cherchée partout(Vogue EPL 8605)1968
SPJ'aime chanter(Vogue EPL 8605)1968
SPLa vie est belle(Vogue EPL 8629)1968
SPPoura le clown(Vogue EV 411555)1968
SPDemain(Flamophone FLAM 45015)1969
SPLes sans amour/L'enfant de coeur(Flamophone FL 4504)1970
SPL'horrible rêve/Au clair de l'une, dans l'ombre de l'autre(Flamophone FL 49080)1970
SPJudy/La désillusion(Flamophone FL 2097108)1975


Original electronic rock. Bernard SZAJNER has mapped out his own unique course in French rock. His music based on synthesizers goes beyond the trends in floating and purely electronic rock and is based on hypnotic electronic rhythms, the synthesizers floating sound waves, on a multitude of noises and electronic and sounds effects which create varied, sometimes sombre, sometimes tense, agressive or strange atmospheres.

LPSome Deaths take forever(Pathé 2C 070.14-863)1980
LPSuperficial Music(IRC 008)1981
LPBrute Reason(Island 811319.1)1983
Maxi SPThe big Scare(New Rose New 34)1984

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