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A solo album from ART ZOYD 3's bassist and synthesizer player on which a sound reminiscent of this group often gives way to a recurrent, synthetic music with a sombre atmosphere.

LPProméthée(Cryonic INC 1154)1984


This singer, a former member of MAGMA for a short while, has a superb voice destined to sing the blues which is the style he celebrates on his first album with the aid of prestigious guests (Christian VANDER, Teddy LASRY, Francis MOZE etc) as well as on his second album which also features some rock'n'roll tracks.

LP"My Coffin's ready"(Thélème 6332 750)1972
LPZABU & Co(Spot Sonopresse ST 69.643)1976
SPYellow Girl/Dr Moonshine(Thélème 6152 005)1972
SPNew York
SPMelancholy me/99 Men(Sonopresse ST 40.213)1976

1 titre sur la compilation "Puissance 13 + 2"(Thélème/Philips 6641 037)1972

Michel ZACHA

A singer/songwriter/composer who works alone concocting superb, carefully worked-out productions in his studios. His songs are based on elaborate melodies and sophisticated arrangements. Some beautiful pieces of music with intelligent lyrics and prestigious accompanists including Jean-Pierre ALARCEN who plays some magnificent solos on several titles on the three albums ZACHA has made to date.

LPPromesses d'Atlantides: vol.1 "La nuit des cigales"(Pathé Marconi 2C 066-12.299)1973
LPLe vol d'Icare: "Promesses d'Atlantides vol.2"(Pathé Marconi 2C 064-12.729)1974
LPInutile: "Promesses d'Atlantides vol.3"(Pathé Marconi 2C 068-14.489)1977
SPLa nuit des cigales(Barclay 80171)1973
SPInutilebingalo/Viens dans mon esprit(Pathé Marconi 2C 008-14.548)1978


This electronic music is built mainly on sounds, melodies and colours of the synthesizers and other electronic instruments with, however, the musical assistance of drummer F. AUGER and guitarist P. EIDEL. This rhythmical, pleasant music is in the same vein as the electronic rock played by VIDEO LISZT or on some of PINHAS' albums.

LPErebus(Polydor 2393 332)1982


A solitary keyboardist. Synthetic rock which stops following in the footsteps of the floating Germanic sound to explore a less dreamlike and more varied electronic music, placing more importance on the electronic sounds than on the creation and development of atmosphere.

LPGreen Ray(Polydor 2393 151)1977
LPMoebius(Polydor 2473 078)1978
LPIn Course of Time(Solaris SOL 8202)1983
LPZanov(J 7001)1984


The group founded by François CAHEN and Jeff SEFFER, after they left MAGMA, started playing a very personal jazz-rock influenced in part by their legacy from MAGMA combined with François CAHEN's classical European origins and Jeff SEFFER's inheritance from Hungarian classical and popular music. These influences determined the musical course ZAO was to follow. Right from their first excellent album with Mauricia PLATON as vocalist, the keynote of their music was the search for and creation of a deeply original style. ZAO thus invented a certain trend in jazz-rock by creating a personal sound. Like MAGMA, several super musicians came and went in the group's line-up: Joël DUCRENOT, Didier LOCKWOOD, Jean-My TRUONG, Gérard PREVOST etc.

LPZ=7L(Vertigo 6499 738)1973
LPOsiris(Disjuncta Records 000004)1975
LP"Shekina"(RCA Balance FLP1 0097)1975
LPKawana(RCA Balance FLP1 0178)1977
LPTyphareth(RCA Balance PL 37121)1977
SPBakus/Joyl(RCA 42055)1975


The Bernard SZAJNER's group with some prestigious musicians amongst which Klaus BLASQUIZ for an original electronic music.

LPVisions of Dune(IRC 003)1979


A group from the Aisne region which played locally for several years recording one single which remains as evidence of their trials and tribulations as a French group. Two tracks bursting with different influences going from ANGE, through PRESENCE to QUO VADIS. A more personal B side which is fairly well arranged despite an amateurish sound. Reminders of ATOLL's early days can also be felt on this record.

SPTémoignage/Le Magicien(Oxygène OXY 08)1978


The first group with this name included Jean-Luc CHEVALIER who later became famous with MAGMA under the name of GORGO before recording under his own name. Two singles are the musical legacy of this group from Nantes which presents an interesting progressive rock on these two singles. They also recorded an album which was never released.


SPMy Lady Sun/Zigger Zagger(Pathé Marconi 2C 006-12.209M)1972


The second group with this name. This line up from the South of France recorded a three track single. Two of the songs are mainly rhythmic, modern day's rock, close to that of TELEPHONE. The third one is turned towards a more melodic, straightforward, elegant and polished rock in the same vein as NAOS or VENT D'EST's music.

SPParano/Pauvre mec/Monsieur Veto(RACF Records 7129)1982


These two survivors from the underground group BARRICADES re-surfaced to record two albums together. The first one is dedicated to an electro-acoustic hotchpotch and the second strange album offers a new "distinguished", delicate music, both serious and disrespectful, which is stamped with the mark of SATIE's influence. An intimist music with an intangible charm evoking dreams and nostalgia. These two musicians have since recorded several albums separately and feature on compilations on which their very disconcerting music continues to exert its charm.

LPBarricades III(Isadora ISA 9002)1976
LPTraité de mécanique populaire(Scopa Invisible 10002)1979


LPLes flots bleus(Rec. Rec 16)1983
EP8 petites chansons(Rec. Rec 165)1983


LPLa Perversita(Scopa Invisible 10005)1980

1 titre sur "18 surprises pour Noël"(Label de Qualité 25.12.81)1981
LPLa Perversita(Scopa Invisible 10005)1980
LPGeographies(Made to measure MTM 5)1985

1 titre sur "Miniatures"(Pipe 2)1980

1 titre sur "18 surprises pour Noël"(Label de Qualité 25.12.81)1981

1 titre sur "Recommended Records Sampler"(Rec. Rec 8 & 9)1982

1 titre sur "17 surprises pour le bar bleu"(Label de Qualité 25.03.82)1982


LPZAZOU/BIKAYE/CY1 "noir et blanc"(Crammed Discs CRAM 025)1984
Maxi SPM'pmoi ya m' pamba(Crammed Discs CRAM 034)1984
Maxi SPAngel(Crammed Discs CRAM 039)1985



Maxi SP
(Crammed Discs CRAM 023)


A mythical record made in 1968 which foretells the creation of MAGMA. Even though its musical interest is limited, it gives us the opportunity to listen to Laurent THIBAULT's first recording.

SP"Herr Doktor Reich"/"Mon vélo est bleu"(Mercury 154.658MCF)1968


A group formed around the same time as TRIANGLE and MARTIN CIRCUS. ZOO comprised some long suffering and regular studio musicians. It began its career as a big band in the same vein as the brassy groups of the time (CHICAGO, FLOCK) before it became a more reduced formation which based its music on the sounds and riffs of the two violins and the organ chords. ZOO, like TRIANGLE, drifted between two kinds of rock, a rather commercial rock and a more sophisticated, more progressive rock.

LPZoo(Barclay 521.118)1969
LPI shall be free(Riviera 521 147)1970
LPHard Times, good Times(Barclay 521.200)1972
SPMemphis Train(Riviera 121.275)1969
SPFungus/Valse suisse(Riviera 121.296)1970
SPCity Breakdown/Plaistow Place(Riviera 121.315)1970
SPHard Times, good Times/Tupamaros(Barclay 121.361)1971
SPBeing good Co me/The Land of Finistaire(Riviera 121.385)1971
SPWhat I am to be/Four Strings(Riviera 121.403L)1972
SPLife is living/Stiggy Poo(Riviera 121.436)1972


ZOU was an attempt by the HERVE brothers to revive Z00. This time they called upon the aid of a female singer (Maria POPKIEWICZ) and produced a music turned towards a more slightly funky rock.

LPZ.0.U(Polydor 2393 103)1975

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