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Setrak BAKIREL, ASIA MINOR'S guitarist, recorded an album with other musicians (including Robert KEMPLER who was the keyboardist of this group). This record is soundtrack for the film "Le Mur" and features remakes of Turkish folk music and written compositions belonging to the Turkish musical tradition by Ozan GARIP SAHIN who also sings and plays saz (Turkish popular instrument). Setrak BAKIREL also wrote several songs slightly influenced by ASIA MINOR but with a more acoustic tendency on that soundtrack.

LPMusiques pour le film "Le mur"(Saravah SHL 1100)1983


Former CHUTE LIBRE flutist, Denis BARBIER accompanied by the CINELU brothers, including Mino who was Miles DAVIS's percussionist, recorded this latin and highly colourful jazz-rock album over which soar Denis BARBIER's exuberant and twirling flute or Francois JEANNEAU's sax, led by Mino CINELU's torrid percussions and fiery and tropical rhythms.

LPPrao(CY Records CY 733 615)1983


Former guitarist of OEDIPE (who broke up before making a record), Claude BARTHELEMY is following a solo career. He already has three albums to his credit on which his inspired and original guitar playing propels along a jazz-rock which is divided between calm and violence, and bursting with energy and invention.

LPJaune et encore(Cobalt CBL 001)1979
LPForrest One(Celluloid CEL 6583)1981
LPModerne(OWL Records 030)1983


A trio dominated by Patrick ARONDEL's personality. His voice is evocative of Leonard COHEN, Daevid ALLEN or even COUNTRY JOE. His music stands out because of its spontaneity, beauty and profound sensibility.

LPNobody knows the Heaven(Monde-Melody)1975


This saxophonist proposes an original music, mixing and merging Celtic folk music, progressive rock and jazz-rock. This music evokes GWENDAL by this subtle union between traditional acoustic instruments and electrified instruments, and by this percussive and spellbinding synthesis. Roland BECKER shares with GWENDAL this liking for polished, sophisticated melodies, full of finesse and spontaneity.

LPFallaen(RS Keltia Musique R.S. 181)1982


BEDJA BECHT recorded an unique, self-produced and distributed album of very original jazz-rock crossed with progressive rock. BEDJA BECHT elaborates a powerful and melodic jazz-rock and develops very constructed and polished themes built on energetic and percussive tempos. BEDJA BECHT is one of these groups who are playing an original jazz-rock which is both technical and lyrical, melodic and elaborate, with elegant, refined and studied compositions. A group to be compared with groups such as NOVA, RELEASE MUSIC ORCHESTRA, SECRET OYSTER or ABUS DANGEREUX. Excellent and original.

LPSubrepticement(AWA Records BB 006)1979


Luc LE MASNE is an adventurous jazz musician; after having distinguished himself in LO and HERBE ROUGE, he stands out again with this large line up which offers a succession 6f different musical backgrounds and unusual musical progressions. This music is built around the movements of the woodwind section, the directions taken by this impressive orchestra and the performances of this super big band's soloists. Lots of ideas and an excellent collective work.

LPHommage a Fernand LEGER(Harmonia Mundi HM 5140)1983
LPNo Si(MEN 001 HM 63)1984


A group formed during the first wave of french rock (-in the early 70's-) which only recorded one single with an overall title: "Belisama". Its music evoked some english progressive groups (like JULIAN's TREATMENT) or american groups (VANILLA FUDGE), not only by its use of the organ and vocals but also by the creation of a strange, captivating and dreamlike atmosphere.

SPBelisama 1ere partie/Belisama 2eme partie(Vogue V.45.1713)1970


The guitarist Alain BELLAICHE went to the U.S.A to record two rock albums influenced by american music which offered a mixture of rock evocative of Ry COODER or LITTLE FEAT and a slightly funky jazz-rock.

LPMetropolitain(Asylum 53 012)1975
LPSea fluorescent(Asylum 53 021M)1976
SPCha-cha emotionnel/Armadillo-Botafago(Carrere 49857)1981


A formation from Orleans slightly influenced by MONA LISA. Two self-produced singles which were not commercially distributed. A sound which is unfortunately far from satisfactory; but nevertheless some tracks which are pleasant to listen to.

SPSustain Love/Etoiles de la Nuit(Village Music 81101)1981
SPC'etait pas si mal hier/J'ai peur de moi(Village Music 82106)1982

Bernard BENOÎT

Folk song guitarist, Bernard BENOIT first recorded two albums of Celtic inspired folk music before combining current rock influences with those of his Celtic origins to produce two other albums on which the crystal clear notes of his acoustic guitar blend with the electric tones of a synthesizer and electric guitar. He thus creates a perfect synthesis between his Celtic origins and current rock sounds giving an extra dimension to his music which is evocative of Dan AR BRAS or Mike OLFIELD (though less commercial). Excellent progressive folk music worth discovering.

LPGuitare celtique(Kelenn 30 176)1973
LPLutunn Noz(Arion ARN 33 306)1975
LPRigena(Polydor A 2933 200)1978
LPPrelude englouti(Velia Disques 2230089)1981


Eclectic and fascinating, he shocks the purists of all the tendencies who forget that creation is mainly a matter of feeling, what never fails him.

LPMusiq Musiq(Futura SON 06)1973
LPParalleles(DAV 01)1978
LPCatalogue Antwerpen Live(Phonie Douce)1979
LPCatalogue(DAV 03)1980
LPCatalogue Penetration(Hat Art 1997/98)1982

Dominique BERTRAM

The first solo album by MAGMA's former bassist is in the same vein as some American jazz rockers's productions (SANBORN, BRECKER brothers). The other ex-MAGMA's members (PAGANOTTI, TOP, WIDEMANN) who appear on some tracks let a somewhat MAGMA-like atmosphere occasionally filter through.

LPChinese Paradise(String 33858)1985


Sound engineer and keyboardist, Philippe BESOMBES comes from that generation of french keyboardists (Henri ROGER, Didier BOCQUET etc.) who from a floating music inspired by the german masters went on to create their own original and attractive sound, abandoning the well-worn formulas of floating synthetic music for a music with a strange, confusing and sometimes disturbing atmosphere.

LPLibra(Pole 0004)1975
LPBESOMBES-RIZET(Pole 0006/7)1976
LPBESOMBES(Divox A 3305)1979


After 6 years of life, BESTIOLE recorded a mini-LPwith 3 tracks. Its music was very influenced by ANGE's music.

Mini LPDans les marais/Le voyageur/Rue du chevau fug(25542)1976


Both of these musical iconoclasts (keyboards, percussions, sax, vocals) from the compagnie LUBAT, play a happy, unclassifiable, inventive music, full of humour, gaiety and energy. It borrows from jazz, rock, improvised and satirical music and stands out by joviality, vitality and richness. This complicated music, despite a certain formal freedom, reveals itself as very constructed, polished, subtly arranged, orchestrated and composed.

LPBex & Jouvelet(Chez qui c'est qu'a le son CA 94128)1983


Gerard MARAIS is a renowned jazzman and guitarist who founded a big band characterised by the fact that it is composed of a sober rhythmical section and nine guitarists. This big band's music is not uniform or a pretext for many solos at all but stands out through the spontaneity, originality and richness of its compositions and through the intelligent diversity of its different styles (jazz, rock, blues). Guitarists successfully explore and exploit these styles with an amazing sense of musical ubiquity.

LPB.B.G(Open 19)1984


Former AME SON and RED NOISE drummer, Marc BLANC kept his reedy voice with a fragile and shaky timbre intact and recorded, along with some famous musicians (A. RENAUD, K. RUST, B. WIDEMANN, J. TOP..) a maxi single on which he offers a music which sometimes flirts with variety or evokes delicate, quiet, soft compositions like these on ALICE's second album.

Maxi SPPredestinee/Le glas resonne/Les 4 saisons/Mon reve familier(Ame Son Snark 2001)1980


Another sound engineer, renowned for his sound recordings, who has also found himself on the other side of the console to record a track on the "PUISSANCE 13 + 2" album under the name of SPECTRE. Later, under his own name, he makes use of everything a studio can offer to produce a rock which is average and at times close to variety.

LPAilleurs(Riviera 521.209)1973
LPSIREGUY et BLANC-FRANCARD(Pathe 2C.068-14372)1976
SPAh! que c'est bon/Jeudi je t'aime(Riviera 121471)1973
SPC'est beau les mandolines/Banal(Riviera)1975

1 titre sur la compilation "Puissance 13 + 2"(Philips 6641 037)1972


From now on, we'll have to reckon with this excellent violonist who combines a perfect instrumental technique with a very promising talent as a composer. On his first album, Pierre BLANCHARD tries out different musical styles, exploring a certain "neo-classical music", visiting the warm, lyrical, sensual GRAPPELLI-like violonist's jazz, today's jazz-rock, Californian rock. He even plays a vigorous, twirling, forceful rock. A new master of the bow.

LPEach one-Teach one(CY Records CY 733.618)1985


This keyboardist lives in Germany where he has issued several albums of synthetic music in the same vein as that of the masters of German floating music. Some beautiful, rhythmic, pleasant melodies which are well played without to being too commercial.

LPLa vogue(Sky Records)1980
LPMagazin frivole(Sky Records)1981
LPFracture interne(Erdenklang)1982
LPPlaisir ardent(Erdenklang)1984


Olivier BLOCH-LAINE, like Richard GILLY, creates superb intimist songs through which a soft sensitiveness and delicate poetry filter. It's full of beautiful lyrics, gay, cool, sunny music with a dreamy atmosphere and a musical accompaniment played by a pleiad of renowned musicians such as Marc BERTAUX, Claude ENGEL, Jean-Pierre ALARCEN, Georges RODI.......

LPDes mots(CBS 81260)1976


Didier MALHERBE-nicknamed BLOOM-left GONG to form BLOOM and recorded a single and an LPwhich hesitated between the influences of a polished jazz-rock and GONG's music. BLOOM's music, mainly instrumental, follows unexpected paths becoming somewhat freakish, occasionally delirious, as far as the lyrics are concerned which is evocative of the original GONG. Sometimes beautiful, intimist and touching, BLOOM's music lacks rigour and strength both in the construction of themes and when the musicians-except MALHERBE, dazzling with his sax and flute-indulge in little inspired solos. An excellent album despite this slight criticism.

LPBloom(Sonopresse 2S 068-16.686)'1979
SPDanskorla/Bong(Sonopresse 2C 008-72.127)1980


Originally formed by Klaus BLASQUIZ and Richard PINHAS, the group split up before making a record but was re-formed with the GARAGNANI brothers and recorded several singles featuring a slightly bluesy, average rock which lacked originality.

SPRevanche a Venus/Si je n'avais pas(Vogue INT 80 246)1970
SPL'aveugle/God is just a Legend(Vogue V 45.1829)1971
SPL'oiseau est mort/Boite outil(Vogue V 45.4128)1972
SPLe dada du dandy/Fais ceci(Vogue V 45.4242)1972


Another keyboardist who was originally inspired by Klaus SCHULZE. He has managed to develop and create his own personality in the world of floating electronic music by using all the possibilities of synthesizers and other rhythm boxes to diversify and embellish a musical style which seemed to be running out of steam.

LPEclipse(K0 77.11.10)1977
LPVoyage cerebral(FLVM 3012)1979
LPSequences(Pulse 004)1981
LPPictures of Life(Pulse 008)1984


After the group CATHARSIS broke up, its former keyboardist threw himself into the adventure of solo production, managing to avoid the restrictions and pitfalls of the "solo keyboards album" -which is often a pretext for an insipid display of the keyboardist's talent- by inviting excellent musicians to accompany him and by giving free expression to his fabulous talent as an original composer and gifted arranger. "Paradia" is an intimist album, very melodious, impressionist and suggestive, featuring short, beautiful and spontaneous, refined and elegant pieces with a bewitching atmosphere reminiscent of the best of CATHARSIS. An album which is an invitation to travel and to dream.

LPParadia(Cobra COB 37.008)1977
LPRobot rose "claviers synthetiseur"(RCA Media RCM 2)1982
(Sound illustration)
LPLa Balance(B.O.F-Soundtrack Milan A 188)1982



WOODEN EAR's former guitarist has made three records with the guitarist Laurent ROUBACH and one under his own name. Accompanied by excellent musicians (D.BERTRAM, F.JEANNEAU, A.LECOINTE, A.CECCARELLI), Eric BOELL offers a dynamic, percussive, swinging jazz-rock which occasionally, however, tends towards a more lyrical and intimist music during which he displays his talent as a guitarist with a sober and fine style.


LPGuitares(Open Jazzibao JZ 01)1980
LPGame Over(Arista 203.310)1981
LPBananas(Arista 203 330)1983


LPDon't stop the Blues(WEA 33856)1984

Jean-Pascal BOFFO

On his first solo album, which is presented under the form of a concept album dedicated to elfs and imps, TROLL's former guitarist plays an extraordinary beautiful, delicate, ethereal, vaporous progressive music. It's totally wrapped in a cosy, magic atmosphere and alternates precious acoustic parts with vigorous electric sequences. This album belongs to the tradition of refined rock such as Steve HACKETT's first album with a touch of MAGMA (at the time of "Udu Wudu"). It's made up of superb interconnected compositions, embellished by natural noises (bird songs, laughter, children's voices...) which combine with the music to enrich and accentuate the magic and spellbinding charm of this marvellous, essential album. This album reveals the originality and the talent as a composer and musician of this gifted musician.

LPJeux de nains(Musea FGBG 2001)1986

Didier BONIN

This is the versatile musician, guitarist and keyboardist Didier BONIN's first production on which he offers a refined, suggestive, very beautiful and melodious music inviting the listener to dream and travel. The delicate chords of the acoustic guitar combine and mix with the gentle, flowing, spatial sounds of the keyboards to create a poetic, romantic and impressionist universe.

LPL'Air lumiere(CA 94135)1983


This group belongs to a musical scene which is not very popular in France: Californian-style country rock. However, in spite of this unusual choice for a French group and the fierce competition from the undisputed champions of this typically American style, BONNEVILLE succeeds in compelling recognition for its music and in rivalising with groups such as POCO or the EAGLES which are nevertheless very famous and well known for the quality of their music. BONNEVILLE offers spirited and sophisticated melodies which are built on irreproachable, carefully worked out vocals, perfect instrumental mastery and on their own true personality. It's an unusual group, yet full of quality.

LPHere and Dare(RCA 37222)1978
LPIsland Girls



The singer/songwriter/composer Jean-Claude BONNEAU accompanied by his own group and by Steve HILLAGE on his second album is staking out musically in a direction which is in fact similar to that followed by Steve HILLAGE on his recent albums. On his second album features a re-working of "Le lion est mort ce soir" entitled "Winoweh" with a deluge of electronic drums. Interesting.

LPBønø(RCA PL 37461)1980
LPBønø(CBS 25275)1983


This name conceals a pleiad of excellent musicians renowned for their prestigious past achievements (Claude OLMOS, ex MAGMA, David ROSE, Jean-My TRUONG, ex ZAO & SURYA etc..) regrouped around ZAO's former bassist, Joel DUGRENOT and offering a lyrical, melodious and inventive jazz-rock. Violins are particularly prominent and contribute to the success of this original album of fusion music which enables to appreciate the talent of Joel DUGRENOT as an inspired composer and a fabulous bassist. An excellent album, to be included in every collection.

LPBoomerang(SPX 6839)1982

Emmanuel BOOZ

With four albums and several singles, all of excellent quality, to his credit, Emmanuel BOOZ is an acknowledged singer and poet. His cracked, nasal voice and poetical, sometimes frenzied inspiration are occasionally reminiscent of Pete BROWN. From time to time, he is inspired by a sense of protest and tackles committed subjects ("Libertes"). However, his ideas are always perfectly enhanced by a music adapted to the emotional atmosphere he wants to create with his lyrics. As his subjects change, so does his music in turn become intimist, sober, violent or on the verge of madness. One of the best french rock singers and poets.

LPLe restaurant d'Alice(Barclay 920.186)1970
LPLe jour ou les vaches(Atlantic WEA 50.095)1974
LPClochard(Atlantic WEA 50.294)1976
LPDans quel etat j'erre(Polydor 2393 259)1979
SPRosie Rag/La robe en bois(Barclay 61314)1970
SPMa Terre/Tout est tres bien comrae ca(Barclay 61420 L)1971
SPDonne/L'Homme aux mille cles d'or(Atlantic-Promo)1974
SPChanson liberte/Et l'on m'appelle Emmanuel BOOZ(Atlantic WEA 10 633)1975

Christian BOULÉ

The former CLEARLIGHT's guitarist has decided to follow a solo career which enables him to give free expression and to make use of the entire scope of his fabulous talent as a guitarist on a floating and space rock evocative of CLEARLIGHT or Steve HILLAGE which sometimes tends towards a cosmic slightly funky rock. His music is full of energy, vitality, power and spontaneity and can be captivating and attractive, built and developed around the ethereal vocals of the female singer, the superb guitar flowishes or inspired saxophone interventions. Christian BOULE shows his talent as an exceptional guitarist, with a percussive and spectacular style and an original inspiration. One of the best rock guitarists in France.

LPPhoto Musik(Polydor SE 2473 086)1978
LPNon Fiction(Polydor 2393 227)1979
SPSurf, surf, surf
SPIl y a quelqu'un/Sur ma planete(Vitamines Carrere 49882)1982

François BREANT

Former CRUCIFERIUS and NEMO keyboardist and member of the rock singer Bernard LAVILLIERS's backing group, both on record and on stage, and friend of Albert MARCOEUR, Francois BREANT is continuing his musical career, recording some film soundtracks and solo albums on which his talent as a keyboardist is reinforced by an undeniable gift as an arranger and composer. Accompanied by prestigious guests (Klaus BLASQUIZ, Didier LOCKWOOD...) whose virtuosity he uses admirably, he develops superb themes, delicate little musical pieces full of spontaneity and invention, and original musical suites with remarkable charm and delicacy.

LPSons optiques(Egg 900 553)1978
LPVoyeur extra-lucide(Egg 900 584)1979


The former ANGE's guitarist, Jean-Michel BREZOVAR, turned towards a musical direction totally different from the one ANGE followed, offering on this album a music influenced by Southern country-rock. In spite of this unusual choice, BREZOVAR succeeds in compelling his music with strong Southern influences and based on polished vocal parts, on an irreproachable instrumental cohesion and efficient melodies.

LPRue du Salbert(Crypto ZAL 6448)1978


Like Christian VANDER, Serge BRINGOLF, not content with being a fabulous drummer, is also an excellent composer, arranger and orchestrator. Paying no need to classification, his music draws its inspiration from the sensibility of jazz and the violence in rock to create a strong, energetic and totally original sound. "Strave" is the most explosive and direct album; "Vision" is the most contrasted but all of his records are musical events not to be missed. A cross between MAGMA, Jacques THOLLOT and ART ZOYD, Serge BRINGOLF is a french musician worth keeping an eye on.

LPStrave(OM 67016)1980
LPVision(OM 67028)1981
LPAgboville(OM 67044)1983
LPLive(RBO R.1383 D)1983


After a short time as SURYA's bassist, he began a solo career managed by Chick COREA. Bunny BRUNEL offers a demonstrative and technical jazz rock which allows him to show off his spectacular talent as a bassist. He is became now a master of bass guitar and a fantastic bassist.

LPTouch(Warner Bros WEA 56636)1979
LPIvanhoe(Baybridge Records KUX.168.B)1983

Valérie BTESH

Former TANGERINE female singer, she made a solo album on which her beautiful, crystal clear voice enhances a melodious, refined and cool rock, similar to that of TANGERINE but with a weaker American influence. Certain compositions and her superb voice evoke some of Sally OLFIELD's works. An elegant and delicate music.

LPReves cristal(Crypto ZAL 6414)1977

Jean-Louis BUCCHI

The former SPEED LIMIT keyboardist recorded this album along with well known musicians (Jannik TOP, Patrice TISON) using brass and string sections. He offers a music of synthesis drawing on jazz, classical music and rock. This record features some tracks with beautiful piano solos as well as some very surprising small orchestral pieces inventing a new, serious and refined chamber music.

LPSunflower(Trema 310 047)1978


Good professional rock with some tracks evocative of WEATHER REPORT, Frank ZAPPA.

LPPes gamelles et des bidons(RCA PL 37283)1979


A new and mysterious version of "Johnny be good" played by some members of MAGMA at the time of its "live" album (with Janik TOP on bass). The second track tends also towards a simple, muscleband rock, very different from MAGMA's music. Anecdotal.

SPI'm burning/Johnny Be Good(Utopia 42520)1976


This group, founded by former ATOLL singer Andre BALZER, offers an american-style rock which is very straightforward, professional, studied and efficient like TOTO, KANSAS and other groups who produce this kind of music.

SPRadio reveil/Come on my friend(B3S)1983
SPR'n'R Rider/Air Afrique(AC3MC ACD 5W)1984

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