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Gabriel YACOUB

Although MALICORNE was still playing, Gabriel YACOUB, its leader and founder recorded a solo album on which, accompanied by some friends, he interprets traditional French songs. These pieces are soberly arranged and orchestrated and played solely by acoustic instruments. This accentuates his search for a certain simplicity, a certain purity and the return to a certain classicism.

LPTrad. Arr.(Ballon Noir BAL 13004)1978


This name taken from LOVECRAFT's universe conceals a quintet from Paris which plays a music mainly based on the brass and on the violin. This group combines two kinds of music rarely united together: on one hand, a rather free jazz with a full orchestration and on the other hand, a sombre and very constructed music, close to that of new European musics (ART ZOYD, UNIVERS ZERO).

LPYog Sothoth(Cryonic MAD 3010)1985


A folk-rock group founded by some of Alan STIVELL's former accompanists but not Dan AR BRAS who left to follow a solo career. This folk-rock music does in fact evoke Alan STIVELL or GWENDAL's music especially on their second album recorded under the name of KERIS.

LPMadame la frontière(Philips 9101 056)1976
LP"Avel Vor"(Philips 9101 150)1977
(Under the Name of KERIS)

Claude YVANS

A poet who puts down his poetical travels on record. A pleasant voice with excellent phrasing which recites his lyrics to a music often reduced to the bare essentials yet suggestive enough to create an atmosphere which perfectly suits that of his texts.

LPLongue naissance(Saravah SH 10.052)1975
LPRevenance(Isadora ISA 9008)1977
LPConcept(Oxygène OXY 059)1979

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